Easy-Peasy Brownie Recipe | Tous Les Jours Microwavable Brownie Mix

Annyeong! Bonjour! ^_^ Last Christmas, I was gifted a delightful basket of goodies from one of my favorite café bakery, Tous les Jours. It’s a South Korean bakery franchise offering a mix of French-Asian goodies. My penchant for it goes way back, it’s love at first try. Now, it’s double the fondness since I discovered its quick and easy brownie recipe from their Homemade Bakery line.

Original Brownie Mix by Tous les Jours.
Tous les Jours Brownie Mix Cooking Instructions. Bake & Enjoy. 
Brownies made easy! Tous les Jours brownies everyday,why not? 

I used about 70ml of water for more moist and chewy brownies. I used food processor (Philips) with the pastry dough blade. Initially, I wasn’t sure that 70ml water was actually enough to moisten the mix. But, fret not, it’s enough!

As instructed, I set the microwave (GE) at Power 8 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I think setting it at Power 8 was just the enough cooking temperature, and it cannot go higher, since a very, small portion in the center, was about to be a bit toasted.

Voilà! Instant brownies by moi!  ^_^

I like to call it baking, so please indulge me. ;-D I love the smell of it during that sweet 3 minutes and so. And once done, it truly smells nice too! #freshlybaked You have to cool it down for an hour before slicing and serving.

 Slice and serve. Bon Appétit! 

I love that the brownie mix also has tiny chocolate chips. Some melted, and most didn’t, so you still get the extra kick of sweetness and textures from the already sweet, rich, dark chocolate-y goodness of it all. The family and extended family love it. We agree, that it’s better than your usual roll of chocolate cake, which is about the same price too. Brownie a la mode soon!

I get that sense of accomplishment from feeling that it’s a #DIY baking project. *LoL My son is amazed, and now thinks more than ever that I’m truly the coolest mom ever since I made him brownies. I think I should enroll myself in a baking class, shouldn’t I? Yay! Kamsahamnida TLJ Philippines for the love! ;-D

A box of Tous les Jours Brownie Mix sells for Php 248 at Tous les Jours branches in Manila.

Like Tous les Jours Philippines official FB Page, for more details and seasonal promotions and giveaway. 


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