Up Close and Personal with Science | The Mind Museum Part 2

Science comes alive at The Mind Museum. After visiting the Traveling Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci, we went on to explore the many more galleries and exhibits.

Dinosaur Fossil at The Earth Gallery of The Mind Museum features apparently the first permanent T-Rex exhibit in the country. This is such a captivating scene and place.
The Story of the Earth: Nature Across the Breadth of Time 
Very educational and fun.

More interactive learning models…

Learn about Earthquakes.
Fossil Dig at The Mind Museum.
Rotating tunnelcraft that connects the Earth Gallery to the Universe Gallery simulating travel from Earth to the Space. 

Discovering the different Phases of the Moon.

Chase couldn’t get enough of it, and we’re just getting started. So much to see, so much to do…my Little Scientist is having the time of his life.

Up we go to the 2nd floor of The Mind Museum, which houses The Technology Gallery. It is the largest of all the galleries. This gallery features The Story of Technology: The Showcase of Human Ingenuity. The gallery is divided into five major themes with each theme occupying a Node. The themes of the Nodes are: How We Live, Who We Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here to There.

Food pix. 
Selca. Selfie. FOTD ;-D More mirrors.

Amazing! It sure is fun, isn’t it?

And there’s more…Science in the Park. Artful play. 

We weren’t able to do the film showing. Although we had All-Day passes (Thank you! ;-D), I didn’t really think that a museum trip would take that long so we made plans. I didn’t think that a museum trip could be this fun it’s almost feels like a theme park…such a pleasant surprise! So yes, the All-Day pass truly makes sense. I promised my son another trip with a friend or two to join him in his next Science Adventures. He’s so looking forward to it.

For For The Mind Museum ticket rates, please visit https://tickets.themindmuseum.org/.

Tickets are sold online at the following options: 

  • The Mind Museum Visit – Three Hour Time Slot
  • The Mind Museum All-Day Pass
  • The Mind Museum Gift Cards

The Mind Museum is located at  JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | Contact number (632) 909 –MIND (6463) | email at: inquiry@themindmuseum.org

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