Da Vinci, The Genius Traveling Exhibition | The Mind Museum Part 1

Sometime ago, we visited The Mind Museum at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. It was the last day of Da Vinci: The Genius Traveling Exhibit. Thankfully and lucky us, we made it!

Da Vinci: The Genius Traveling Exhibition features Leonardo’s tangible examples of his theories, most of which never travel; they’re either locked away or on permanent display in a small number of esteemed museums around the world (like the Mona Lisa in The Louvre in Paris, which we had the pleasure of seeing).  This exhibition provides a tangible and easy to understand exploration into the diversity of ideas that consumed arguably the greatest mind the world has ever known. It also featured reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazingly accurate and detailed anatomical drawings. Mostly, it also included reproduction of the famous Renaissance artwork in actual size (The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man image and explanation, and Mona Lisa). Read more about the history and origin of the Da Vinci: The Traveling Exhibit here.

My son, Chase, who had a fascination to everything military and mechanical, was now a big fan of Leonardo, as the exhibit featured large scale machine inventions, many interactive, crafted by modern day Artisans in Italy. The machines are based on the Artisan’s meticulous and lengthy studies into Leonardo’s codices.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ideal City
Leonardo’s Mirrors Room. It is an eight-sided room with eight flat mirrors as the walls, that if a person stood inside, he “will be able to see every party (of himself) endless times”
Inside Da Vinci’s Mirrors Room. 

The exhibit allowed us to be almost up close and personal with Leonardo, the inventor, artist, scientist, engineer, sculptor, anatomist, biologist, musician, architect, philosopher, and more.

At the end of the exhibit is a message wall… Chase wrote, “Leonardo is the best military guy!”
Da Vinci’s Merchandise Shop
Just had to get mine. Mona Lise tote, and Ref Magnets.

I feel bad and guilty for not visiting and writing the post earlier, I hope you were able to read more about it form the many others who wrote about the greatness of the Da Vinci, The Genius exhibit. It was such an amazing experience seeing it with my son. I love the many interactive things the exhibit showcased. It was a different museum experience that I’m used to (silence please, please do not touch, please no picture taking etc.). The same is true with the many more Science Exhibits that The Mind Museum has in store for everyone.  Although, the Da Vinci exhibit went on to travel in other parts of the world, there’s more to see in The Mind Museum.We had All-Day pass (Now sold at Php 750/person), our first stop was at the special exhibition hall featuring Leonardo Da Vinci.  Please stay tuned for The Mind Museum Part 2 detailing the many Science exhibits, galleries, and parks of The Mind Museum.

Visit The Mind Museum at Taguig.

For For The Mind Museum ticket rates, please visit https://tickets.themindmuseum.org/.

Tickets are sold online at the following options:

  • The Mind Museum Visit – Three Hour Time Slot
  • The Mind Museum All-Day Pass
  • The Mind Museum Gift Cards

The Mind Museum is located at  JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig | Contact number (632) 909 –MIND (6463) | email at: inquiry@themindmuseum.org

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