The Best of Holidays 2013

Dear every one, hope all is well with you. I’m well. I wish I can tell you that I went MIA because I was out of the country, but it’s so not the case. Although I was out of town last Christmas, and I did celebrate my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! Chuka hae! As always, I’m just usually here and there, I miss blogging, 2013 was such an erratic year for me. I hope to make it up, and I still wish I matter. Drama. I do hope you did not go away! But between that, I went for my Korean Dramas to de-stress. Aigoo! Seriously the best anti-aging activity. Haha. ^_^ Seriously, between the hustle and bustle of my mundane life and my third grade son’s taxing school demands as the icing on top (Hah!), I was done for! Sadly, I am not as chic and sassy mom as I hope to be. But, I’m back…hopefully, I’ll do better this time! Thank you Lord for the year that was 2013.

Oh Christmas Tree! 
From my family to yours, I wish you had a merry Christmas! 

Shopping Note 1: We are loving the Giordano Kids Griffin Polo, which Chase would have the green for New Year’s Day. And as for me, Tory Burch (tops and bottoms) all the way. Oh my, I will be back to do a shopping post, I went on a shopping frenzy last time. If it was year 2011, I would have overwhelmed you with a lot of shopping posts. Life is sweet, indeed!

Change outfit (also a Tory Burch) and hair do. I love. For Christmas, we bought Chase a complete Kre-O CityVille Invasion brick set. It will save a post for it, so please stay tuned. Last minute shopping at Toys R Us Marquee Mall led us to this 31 inch – Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure. He’s a big fan of Darth Vader, see here and here too.
My cutie pies, precious nephews….Santa’s helpers., meet Yvo and Gabe. Remember their Christening post here.

Christmas 2013 was spent with family. It’s good to be home. And the donya in me enjoyed a privileged time not cooking anything. I just did the grocery. Haha.  Hmmm, the plan is to celebrate Holidays every other year at home (Pampanga or Iloilo), and elsewhere… ahem… Seoul  or the States. And so is my birthday. December 26 was a work day (and I cannot go on leave). Aloha! Anyhow, I had a great dinner afterwards.

Yes, I’m 33 and loving it (more often than not, I’m only human!).  
Dainty Tea House and Cafe at the new The Quad at Nepo Center. The Egg Foo Young is a must-try. Feasted on Chinese food. Thank you Hon for the treat! 

Shopping Note 2: OOTD, Tory Burch (tops) again. Please indulge me, allow me to mention it. *Lol Anyhow, I’m so late into the brand craze, and, I don’t even have a matching purse just yet, but as I always say…better late than sorry.

Since we’re in Pampanga, I actually have to help hubby get my birthday cake. We went to several local bake shops, but surprisingly, they don’t do instant dedication. That day, I missed Tous les Jours. So Toll House is it!

For the New Year, we’re back in Manila. I went to Farmer’s Market in Cubao for our fruits. Panic-buying! But I’m on juicing so those lasted me for a week. Anyhow, prices were up, as expected. But the choices were several.  Remember our New Year’s Fruit Basket last time? This time, I This year, I added cherries (not in photo at Php 1000/kilo oh my!), persimmon, and Korean Pear.

And this time, I spent 6 hours of cooking, and preparing for our little family of three plus our new Ate! I was pleasantly tired. It’s interesting because this time I need to re-do our Christmas meal (Spaghetti, Ham, Mashed Potato from scratch, Gravy, Steak), which my brother, sister, and mom did. I had to do everything myself. For more circle stuff (you know how is it as a tradition to have as many round and sweet things in the table), I added DIY pizza. With so much butter, the food was stellar! I was victorious! I did it!

Our New Year’s Feast…labor of love. 
Happy New Year!  

I reckon that it’s still timely to greet everyone a Happy New Year greeting since Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And because we’re in green, and I’m fond of Irish quotes… I leave you with an Irish toast for the New Year.

 May your heart be light and happy, May your smile be big and wide, May your pockets always have a coin or two inside!

 Cheers! ;-D

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