Oryspa Shopping | Shop Online at Zalora Philippines

I absolutely adore Oryspa. I am an ardent customer. I can’t get enough of the Meditaion Balm, Massage oils, and more! So when I had a Zalora Philippines Gift Voucher to spend online, Oryspa is it!

My First Zalora Box. Sorry, it’s blurry! Can you tell? #ExcitedMuch ^_^
Packed securely, bubble-wrapped and all. Comes with an additional discount voucher, and a freebie (sachet of Downy Mystique). Item was delivered the next day. I love, love, love, the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. Haha, brings back happy memories when we were such avid buyers of Home TV Shopping Network, either they bring a manual credit card receipt to sign, or pay in cash. And I guess, paying in COD evokes a feeling of fair trade, you only pay, when you get the items. It adds an extra layer of guarantee. Since my voucher was not enough to cover the item in full, I opted to pay the balance in cash. No frills.
Oryspa Travel Kit contains Chili Oil, Solid Perfume, Meditation Balm, Beauty Oil, Face and Body Wash, AM Blend Shampoo and Conditioner for Php 900.
Apart from Meditation Balm, I also love the Oryspa Chili Oil. Perfect match. And Yay! Finally, I can try the Beauty Oil and The Face & Body Wash. A couple of days on them, just loving them. Review post soon (will try!)  
You’re all definitely coming with me! ^_^ #OryspaPH #RiceBran

I love online shopping! The unboxing part makes me giddy, feels like I’m opening a gift! So yes, Zalora delivers!


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