Enjoy VIP Philippines Samsung Application 2013

As some of you may know, I made a big switch to Samsung. And yes, I’m cooking up a post on my crossing over to the other side. The open line unit Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a Lifestyle Pack. One of which is the Enjoy VIP Philippines app. But please take note, the application you can download for free is not the full membership or subscription. Meaning, you cannot use the vouchers just yet.

I downloaded the app. I was specifically craving for Cravings’ Chicken Cordon Bleu, which is offered free in the voucher. Just in case, I asked the lady from Cravings Shangri-la if I can use it, I showed the app. They said yes, but they’re asking for a voucher number, or my membership number, I’m not sure how to find it! I told them it came with my phone, glad that I had a picture of my phone, so to be sure, they got my IMEI or Serial number. But I was a little bit worried because when I clicked the Use it! It tells me to register or call Enjoy.

Download Enjoy VIP Ph on Samsung Apps

What is Enjoy?

Enjoy is a loyalty and privilege card that extends discounts, gifts, and VIP perks to over 60,000 Filipino consumers. Launched in 2009, Enjoy works with over 240 premium lifestyle brands located in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay.

Here’s our expired and unused 2011-2012 Enjoy Card, Discount Booklets. Sadly, there’s just too much going on in the booklet. So much to see, Β and so much to do. Hah. So we totally forgot about it!

I was with my son then, he ordered a Roast Beef. While waiting, I decided to give Enjoy a call. Only to be told, that I cannot use the voucher unless I upgrade my subscription for Php 995. Why not?! The meal will cost me Php 400++ anyway. I had to pay via PayPal or by bank deposit, since it will be such a hassle to go through that in the middle of our meal, the super accommodating, and very competent ladies from Enjoy, did everything online. They processed my full subscription and was billed at a later time, walked me through, step by step via SMS on how to restart my Enjoy VIP Ph app. It was accomplished before I even finished my Chicken Cordon Bleu. I love them! Thank you very much! Mighty glad I was my usual nice self, it would have been very embarrassing if it turned out otherwise. Of course, I can always pay it it full, but imagine if I was not being nice, and very demanding and sure of myself that I have the membership. Hah.

Cravings Enjoy VIP Ph Voucher: Complimentary Chicken Cordon Bleu valued at Php 425
Pho Hoa: Buy Two Get One on Noodle Soup, Rice Dishes, and Banh Mi valued at Php 385
Tokyo Cafe: Buy One Get One on Japanese Fair Dishes valued at Php 241

Anyhow, let me tell you that yes, we do like getting membership cards, coupons, etc. In the US, I saved a couple of dollars using coupons, so here, I get as much as we can, like the Bistro Card, which has T.G.I.Friday’s and Italianni’s in its resto group. We’re on our 3rd Annual Subscription. Since, we love to dine out, and I have such hearty appetite, the Enjoy VIP Philippines Membership is very, very worth it!

For Enjoy VIP Ph, there’s an opportunity in acquainting your partners that an electronic version exists. We usually had to wait, and I had to explain, and I had to show them that if I click on the “Use it!’, my membership details will show. Other than that, the membership or upgrade is worth it.

Contact Enjoy VIP Ph below:

Tel. +63 2 4788888
Fax. +63 2 7509258
email: info@enjoythebest.com.ph


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