#TheBrowStudio Giveaway | Get a Free Brow Design or Brow Clean Ups

Hello awesome-ness! Your next wow-brows are on us. I’m sure everyone likes their brows nice and pretty. Be it the Korean Candy actress inspired straight/flat brows for that young, sweet, innocent look, or the rounded, soft angled (mine), or s-shaped, or hard angled (ang taray!) brows, The Brow Studio easy does it for you. A trip to The Brow Studio gives me that instant oomph, I feel pretty. So if you have a Brow Studio branch that’s accessible to you, join this giveaway.

The Brow Studio branches are Eastwood Citywalk, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM Lanang Davao, SM City Baguio, SM North Edsa, and Shopwise Araneta.
Join via the Rafflecopter. 
This giveaway is open to those who have access to any The Brow Studio Branches in the Philippines.
Entry submission will end October 30, 2013, Local Time (Philippines). 
Complete the requirements, and bonus entries if you like. Earn entries via the Rafflecopter. ;-D
Five (5) Winners of The Brow Studio CG (at Php 250 denomination x 2).
Terms & Conditions apply.
 Claiming will be at the branch of your choice.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For perspective, The Brow Studio offers Brow Design, which is recommended to first timers at The Brow Studio, or you can just go for the Basic Clean Up. Personally, I also have upper and lower lip threading done. I know! Year of the monkey much! ;-D But I prefer threading, more than waxing. Threading is chemical-free, although it’s more painful (tiis ganda talaga! ^_^) than waxing, at least for me. But it’s very tolerable. Carry! Fighting! ^_^ Get those awesome brows now! Cheers! 


  1. Why do you need a Brow-check?i think having a new brow can give me a new lookWhat's your eyebrowsing experience: i try to pluck it but i really cant perfect it.shape preference? anything that can enhance my face


  2. Eyebrows AlertBrow- check?: To add enhancement on my face, a new look and to check what eyebrow shape should I have.Eyebrowsing experience: I dont know how to pluck or shave my own eyebrows coz I'm afraid I might shave the most :|Shape preference: Nicely shaped bat wing eyebrows like Angelina Jolie :)My eyebrows really look like a Batman-shaped 😮


  3. I definitely need a brow check as I dont have a perfect eye brow. I have the thinnest one and it needs the help of an expert for it to look good. As you know I have been always a user of an eyebrow liner to make it look as if I have a thick eye brow. hahaha I have been frustrated with it. Not wearing makes me feel so insecure as if i dont have an eyebrow when I walk on the street. Enough of those eyebrow history of mine, I would prefer a shape that suits my face and my thin eyebrow of course which I believe thebrowstudio could fix.Oh by the way, thank you for hosting this giveaway. More power to you and more giveaways to come for us.


  4. Getting an eyebrow makeover will definitely help me to apply what best suites my face and will benefit in understanding more of contouring my face. With this, make over I will soon be the next BIG hot momma! Hahahahha…..


  5. I need a Brow-check because I want my eyebrows to accentuate my chinky eyes. So far, my eyebrows have been plucked and shaved. I would love The Brow Studio to give me the perfect eyebrows.


  6. I want a brow check to get eyebrows to accentuate my chinky eye. So far, my eyebrows have only been shaved and plucked. I hope the Brow studio could give me the perfect eyebrows!


  7. I badly need a Brow-check because my eyebrows are very unruly! It follows no shape. I really wan to have a perfect eyebrow 'cause my friends said that I have beautiful eyes. I think a perfect eyebrow will compliment my eyes. 🙂


  8. Why do you need a Brow-check? What's your eyebrowsing experience, shape preference? Please do tell on the Blog Giveaway Post. Or ahare your thoughts on my previous or upcoming posts. Only new comments will be counted. ;-DI need a brow-check because I think my brows aren't of the same shape. haha I just want it to suit my oval-shaped face. I just can't perfect my brows so I really need a professional help! 🙂


  9. I definitely need a brow check since my brows are naturally thick and somewhat \”Sabog\” and they are very thick. I've been hgoing to laybate, and i usually let them thread my eyebrows since i don't really know how to shape it. I actually want a curvy one that really emphasizes my eyes 😀


  10. Why do you need a Brow-check? I really need it because I have undefined and uneven brows because I shave/pluck it myself but because I have a very poor eyesight (and poor skill in shaping my brows right). It would really help me a lot in achieving well-defined eyebrows. What's your eyebrowsing experience, shape preference? I prefer rounded, soft angled brows.


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