Save the Date: Puregod Duty Free Clark October 2013 SALE

Hello October! Time flies when you’re having fun.Β Oh look….another Sale, and it’s from my fave imported shopping destination when in Pampanga (of course, it’s S&R when in Manila). I missed last April’s sale, so just maybe, I might go this time around. Although, our house is still full of goodies from my crazy addiction to S&R’s recent Members’ Treat, the more the merrier, right? ^_^ Anyhow, our weekend was spent in Pampanga, with more shopping and Dining…Korean for LunchΒ + Sisig for Dinner = Winner! I’m a happy girl!

More often, than not, I rationalize my shopping spree by saying it’s mostly for Chase. *LoL After S&R Pampanga, we dropped by Puregold. Knowing that the Sale is coming, I just bought random stuff. More Serta Pillows, also on Sale from Php 488 to Php 288/a piece. I’m liking Serta, I mentioned it on my S&R post. Some scrubbies #SoCute, Kid’s Floss and mine. We’re turning Koreans, bought more ramens and condiments. Imported Biscuits and Cookies.
Puregold Duty Free Clark and Subic October 16-20, 2013 SALE

Puregold Duty Free stores offer more brands and varieties, plus it’s relatively cheaper. So if you’re up for a drive, check out Puregold Duty Free Sale! I like to think of it as an early Christmas Shopping (I thought I’m done last September, oh well!) Cheers! ^_^


  1. I would like to visit puregold duty free this coming sat… This will be my first time. May I ask if parang S&R din po pila pag sale. thanx πŸ˜‰


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