DIY Parties for Less with Smart Parenting August 2013 Issue

Yay! If you’re a stage mom who loves to host parties for your little ones, the Smart Parenting August 2013 Issue is a must have! Let’s party! 

Celebrity Mom, Denise Laurel and son, Davian Alejandor, grace the cover of the Smart Parenting August 2013 issue.  Here, she talks bout why motherhood is the best gift a woman could ever receive. #Agree #Love
Party by the Number. This issue also features charming ideas for DIY parties for less. 
Discover Creative Party Activities and Fun Themed Cakes design and suppliers. 
We love to party! (See my Parties tab! ^_^) It’s mission accomplished for my son’s 7th birthday last time. Wouldn’t it be nicer if I had this issue with me then? But yes, I have more party planning years ahead for me as I have two adorable baby nephews to dote. Party! Party! 
More party planning in store for the readers. Please grab your August issue of Smart Parenting. Available for only Php 125.  Now comes with every issue is a National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this month it features Baby Black Bear. 
For more of Smart Parenting online, visit www.smartparenting.com.ph. Like Smart Parenting on Facebook. Follow Smart Parenting on Twitter via @SP_online.


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