Capsule Toys Overload

Hello there! I’m checking in for my weekend blog post. I still owe you few more giveaway posts for July, yes with an s. Yay! ^_^  Anyhow, to kick off, here’s an easy breezy post about my son, Chase, and our happy place.

We like it here! ;-D Toy Kingdom’s Capsule Toys Vending Machines Area at SM Megamall
You ought to know that we’re a fan of Naruto. Although, I like Naruto, but my son likes Sasuke more. Oh well!
Boys will be boys! Gun Capsule Toys by Takara Tomy

It seems capsule toys vending machines are mostly everywhere, at least in the places that we frequent, even at the supermarket. Although at the supermarket, you can get a toy for as low as Php 5. But Toy Kingdom’s is like a haven of Capsule Toys! A capsule toy goes for 1-2 tokens (x Php 60 per token) here. I usually just allow him to get a turn, but with vending, you can never be sure of what you will get. Surprise! Surprise! “Mom, can I please do it again?” Oh well!

For today’s trip, we ended up paying for 5 turns ( less one capsule in the photo since he gave a capsule to his grandma ;-D). 
He got a Grenade Launcher. He wanted to get the Machine Type. So yes, it means will be back for more next time! 
I love! We got Minato, Naruto, and Kushina phone charms. We got 2 Kushina’s. He gifted the other one to his grandma.  The sad part, he wanted Sasuke! I told him, I will just buy him a Susuke (not a capsule toy, just to be sure ;-D) elsewhere. 

Remember, I said “our” happy place, not just his, because I ended up keeping all of these just because Sasuke is no show!

More Naruto Capsule Toy from last time. Again, Sasuke is no show, so I got to keep it again! Haha!

Funny, it just happens that I’m also getting hooked on these gashapon toys. #GuiltyPleasure Haha! Oh well, hope we get Sasuke Uchiha soon! Please wish us luck! What toys are you into lately? Oh, do you like Naruto too? Please do tell, leave a comment! ^_^

Happy weekend! Cheers! ^_^ 


  1. Haven't seen this when we went to Megamall 2 weeks ago. I better bring my nephew here! He'll go crazy just looking on these Vending Machines. Thanks for this post. He will surely enjoy this besides the trampoline jump 🙂


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