Apricot-y Ombré

TGIF! I shared my latest hairdo on my FB page last time. Here’s the colorful details of it. It’s about 4 months since my last hair coloration, it was so, so, since I wanted a really prominent spicy reddish hair color, but I learned that it’s very hard to keep the pigments of red, so you actually need a specialize hair care routine to keep the color. And to begin with, I don’t have a light base, so without lightening or bleaching, the color was noticeable outdoor, but very subtle indoor. I’m feeling more adventurous, a fresher hairstyle was in order, so bring on the Ombré Hair!

Hair and Makeup #Selfie
My latest Hair Color Destination and Nail Care was at Freshaire Salon in SM Megmall. I am fairly familiar with my hair color rate from several salons in the mall, it ranges from Php 2500 to Php 3000. I checked out Freshaire, I overheard a girl, asking for an ombre hair style, the price quoted was within that range, so I decided I want one too! ;-D Photo Credit: Official Page of Freshaire Salon

My natural hair color is very black. Although, I rarely wear it that way except for the last time’s mishaps, I went to several hair coloration ordeal from varying salons thereafter, but this one is one of the brightest hair color to date, at least on the ends. I kept the darker shade on top, and midway it’s a apricot-y kind of hair color. Although ombré hair is more talked about last time, better late than sorry, game on, let’s do it!

Before ombré. With an indoor lighting, red mahogany hair color. They had to do the root regrowth. I already told them that colors don’t really show. So they need to up the formulation or something.
The hair colorist used foil to get to lighten the ends. Although it had to be decided what length to start the lightening, to make it higher (above the ear) or midway (under the ear). I’m not to sure myself, so I decided to go mid length. 
Oh my, the estimated time to finish the process was for two hours. I stayed in the salon for four hours. 
Oh well, there’s definitely something off about my hair, because, it’s hard to lighten it, what usually takes 15 minutes, took more, and they had to even out the colors, as some took a while to show. Honestly, I was apprehensive on getting it super light, I don’t want it to be brassy. Plus I’m still basically wearing a black hair base, so I wan’t the contrast to be manageable. 
Voilà! I’m still trying to be a redhead as red hair as it varies from a deep burgundy through burnt orange to bright copper. For the root, it’s red mahogany, and a bit apricot-y on the ends. 
Different lighting perspective. Both indoor. Taken with and without flash. 

Anyhow, I like Freshaire. I think they can deliver prominent and drastic hair color change if you’re up for it. I saw a lot of people getting their black hair to blond, safely. The price is also relatively friendlier. The initial quote given to me was Php 2000, but since they had to use more or to modify the formulation on my hair kind, it went to Php 2500++. They used L’oreal for the root regrowth and as base, and Schwarzkopf for the tinting.They used foil for the lightening technique, I saw another hair colorist just parting the hair midway, and applying different colors the usual way. As for my current hair style, I think Ombré is not for everyone’s liking. Yes, it looks natural, darker on the roots, lighter on the ends. I like the edgy look it afforded me at times. If I’m being my usual conservative way, I tie my hair in a bun. But mostly, it allows me to be more adventurous….have no fear, I can always color it back! Hah! ^_^ In three months, maybe I can wear a full apricot-y hair color, or an ash blonde, or go for red again.

What’s your hair color? Any hair color salon you would recommend for my next trip? Please do leave a comment! Cheers! ^_^


  1. I have been coloring my hair too every 4 months and hair spa at least every 3 weeks to avoid it from drying. I am also adventurous when it comes to hair colors but most of the time it just between burgundy and chocolate brown 🙂


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