Event: Giordano Monsters University Fair

Monster fun indeed! Last Saturday, I was delighted to enroll and to successfully complete my subjects with flying colors at the Giordano Monsters University Trinoma Fairground.

Giordano Monsters University Fairground at Trinoma ActivityCenter
Weee! Feeling young and collegiate! ;-D As token, we got an ID, and a Baller ID. 
Good morning! Ready for class in very high spirits! 
Ready for school!
First subject, Monster 101. The task at hand was to simultaneously solve Math problems and to determine final color after combining a set of colors. Oh my! I need refresher courses on colors! 
Screamology Class was set up as a Science Laboratory. But the task at hand here was to play 2Fuse. It’s my first time to play it! Hah! 
Field of Screams will be absolutely my son’s favorite class…XBox 360 Forever! Task at hand was to play one of the Kinect games available, Sports, Dance Central, Just Dance. Since I do play every now and then, I went for the Beach Volleyball. Whew! A for Efforts! ^_^
School of Rawr requires playing a rock band instrument from Guitar Hero game, either do guitar or drums. I chose guitar. Oh well. 
In between classes, I was able to go around the campus. Hey Mike, Sulley, and Randall, uh I mean Randy! See you around! 
It was just the first day, so we were allowed to come in civilian clothing. Official uniform is Giordano Monsters University Collection. 
Hello Classmates! Jen of Shopgirl Jen and Tin of OhhThat! by Tin  ^_^
…with Mitch of glamourmoments.net

Enough loitering in the university campus…Report Cards were out! Tadaa!

Alright! ^_^ 

I was seriously hoping that I brought my son along, but he had an activity scheduled in the morning. After showing him photos and my university props (flaglet, ID, Baller ID, and report card), he’s so looking forward to the SM Mega Mall fair happening this weekend (July 6-7).

Giordano Monster University Fair at SM Megamall A Showcase Area  this July 6 and 7.  

I suppose the freebies after completing the game booths are the baller ID and a student ID card. It’s open to the public, no “tuition fee” required during the run of the fair. Although it’s best to come in official school uniform available only at Giordano. ;-D I and Chase will see you there, dear classmates!

Oh how time flies, it’s such a pleasure to reminisce my university days! Hello UA&P (I can’t say I miss you since I live just across…haha!)  Cheers! ^_^


  1. How come a lot of the good mall special events are in SM North. Would love to have taken the Little One there but its just too far from our place. =(


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