Storage Solution for BB Cream Trial Packs

Annyeonghaseyo! Here’s how I keep my Korean cosmetic samples…the royal treatment. ^_^

Assorted BB Creams and Korean Cosmetics Trial Packs #MyPrecious aptly stored in the mini treasure chest. 
Having them visibly accessible reminds me that I have a lot more so stop buying to swatch, and to review. #NowTrying Innisfree Eco Science BB Cream. 
The mini treasure chest is a nice addition to my vanity table, it compliments the other chests. which hold my accessories. My makeup brushes (Denman, Body Shop, EcoTools were out for cleaning! Yahoo! ^_^)  #HappyBubble

Got the mini treasure chest from an invitation. Sometime ago (Chinese New Year), it was used to keep our golden chocolate coins.  Now it happily serves as a storage for my precious Seoul-ful cosmetics.  With all the things I collect, it’s hard to keep track where they are. Hah. That’s why I need to spring clean every so often. So if you have storage solutions for keeping purses, makeups, toiletries, accessories, etc. the condo living way,  please do share! Cheers! ^_^


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