Mother’s Day Weekend

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to vote yesterday. I’m registered in my beloved hometown, Angeles City, but we didn’t go home since hubby was not feeling well, and our Ate Jane has chickenpox. Hah. I had mine when I was a little, and so did hubby. Thankfully, Chase got vaccinated just recently with MMRV, which offers protection against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella. But still on the side of caution, we try to keep her in her room. Well, anyhow, you get an idea on how my weekend went. It’s spent mostly at home. ^_^

Few days before the Mother’s Day, hubby gifted me Torta Delos Reyes, which is truly the Ultimate Sansrival ever. It’s by The Aristocrat Bakeshop. Seriously delicious!  Gone in 24 hours! ;-D #MustTry #SugarRush
Friday, May 10, 2013 — Kicking off our long weekend with a date night at Shangri-la Plaza Mall. The East Wing of the mall is partially opened. It houses Texas Roadhouse Grill. I only took a couple of photos since my phone was out of battery already. We had to eat very very fast since we had a movie to watch. 
Complimentary Dried Peanuts. 
My 7-yr old son ultimate favorite dish, Country-Style Burger Steak. It’s nicer (although more pricey) than Holy Cow’s. So we’ll definitely go back for it.  Hubby ordered Flat Iron Steak,  while I got seafood pasta in marinara sauce ( I forgot the exact name in the Menu), and ordered Cowboy Chocolate Cake for dessert. 
And we finally saw Iron Man 3!!! Yay! Better late than sorry! 
Excited for Monsters University ^_^
Saturday, May 11, 2013 — I was not feeling well! And hypochondria kicked in, oh well, so I had to stay at home in the morning. Until hubby threatened insisted to send me to the ER. I relaxed and told him that I’ll give it a few more days. So we went to the mall! I was supposed to get my gift, a pair of FitFlop Due Ballerina Flats, but I’m still deliberating between Michael Kors and FitFlop ballet flats. So I’m delaying shopping for now. Anyhow, it’s the thought that counts. Thank you Hon! ^_^
You ought to know that I’m addicted to supermarkets! Haha. I love to hoard! We went to Unimart, and finally appreciated how it still remains as one of the favorite shopper’s destination. It has good product assortment and range! There’s so much to see and to buy! And then we’re off to SM Megamall…Ramen Time! ^_^ Also, instead of getting my gift, we bought Chase a basketball hoop.
Portable Basketball Hoop with Stand from Toy Kingdom Php 3000. 
Chase attended basketball clinics last time (will do a detailed post soon! ^_^), and since being a star good player runs in the family (Believe it or not, I was our High School MVP! ;-D). Naturally, we want Chase to love the game as well. Game on! Oh well, we have to make do with condo living. 
Remember that I was feeling hypochondriac sick, I needed a massage and ventosa. For mother’s day, I had to stay at home too, since I had to delay my bath time. So it’s Candy Crush and iBooks for me. I’m saving Korean Dramas for later. ^_^
Oh my goodness. Level 65 of Candy Crush is so so stressful! I  absolutely think that all the relaxation I got from my spa time was all gone! But after several tries, I did it! It’s time to wait for the tickets! Haha! I got them! Thank you girlfriends! ^_^
I have yet to build my iBook Collections, since I’m still transitioning from physical to electronic books (see my book shelf here). Since I have an iTunes US account, I can actually download free iBooks like Always You (which is more than nice! ;-D). I’m curious with the City of Bones, which is the first book in the The Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare. But mostly because there’s an upcoming movie of it starring Lily Collins. Also, I find the Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire interesting too. I’m reading the samples, and I might get the full books. 
Anyhow more about City of Bones, after reading some review from Goodreads, hmmm…so there’s some controversy surrounding the author. Oh well, she’s published, and there’s a movie adaptation even, so it’s either just love her or hate her. I have yet to decide! 
It was another long weekend to remember! My belated Mother’s Day greetings to my fellow awesome moms…I hope you had a great one! Cheers! ^_^


  1. Happy Mother's day, too and hope you're feeling well now…i'm waiting for more blogs from you hehe…i'm reading 6 blogger's site everyday, one is yours…those sites are my favorite because they blog about the journey of a mother…


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