SM Kids’ Fashion GC Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday! Thank you to my fellow awesome parents, and aunties, who participated in my SM Kids’ Fashion giveaway. Everyone is absolutely adorable. ;-D

Thank you for joining! ^_^
Congratulations to Danna! She’s absolutely adorable! Ready for a summer party! ^_^

It’s one of her favorite summer outfit this 2013. A yellow halter top matching with a cotton semi pants and sandals plus her violet summer sunglasses and her fab accessories courtesy of me. – Aida

To her proud auntie, Aida Villanueva, representatives of ARC/SM Kids’ Fashion will contact you on how to claim your GC’s. Congratulations and stay fabulous! Enjoy your shopping! Cheers! ;-D

To ARC and to SM Kid’s Fashion, big thanks for letting me host the giveaway! ^_^Β 


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