Summer Ready with SM Kids’ Fashion

My son, Chase, is splashing into summer with a style, thanks to SM Kids’ Fashion. Last April 12, parents and kids were treated to a pool party at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City. With kids dressed in brilliant hues, bold prints, breezy fabrics from the SM Kids’ Summer 2013 Collection, it was a perfect sunny day to chillax amidst the summer heat and the hustle and bustle of city living.

Shopping Finds at the SM Department Store Kids’ Section. Muscle Shirts with colorful prints,  Shorts with Folded Plaid  Edge. And yes, he just got to have a Sasuke Uchiha Character Shirt. Thank you! ;-D 
Although we missed the event, Chase got to don his summer stuff at the beach. It’s was a great weekend for an escapade to Batangas. 
For that weekend of fun, sun, and sand,  Chase’s runway was our friend’s private Beach Resort in Lian, Batangas. 
Summer Ready. Both Shorts Zap’D. I like that you can undo the fold for a more formal look, or show off the printed edge for a casual look. Tri-colored  Boys Got Style airy shirt  with a Campus Crush Print *Of Course! ;-D And a hooded, colorful muscle shirt with a touch of neon. 
He’s ready to make a statement. He’s the Campus Crush! ;-D  With their witty one-liners and amusing catchphrases, SM Kids’ Fashion statement tees make boys effortlessly cooler this summer.
The Print-tastic patterns make their way onto airy shirts. Be it a picnic at the park or an out-of-town trip, SM Kids’ Fashion’s casual staples work with just about anything. Checkered or paisley shirts paired with khaki shorts serve as a smart ensemble for boys. 
He’s nifty in Neon. SM Kids’ Fashion Collection showcases shocking neon shades. From lemon yellow to deep fuchsia and beyond, these pieces add a fun twist to the current color blocking trends of the runway. A great option for all those happening summer celebrations, bold hues are sure to make anyone the center of attention. Cheery tones look great day or night, paired with subdued neutrals or complimentary pastels.

Just Tee Muscle Shirt are just the comfiest every day wear. 
SM Kids’ Fashion Style Lab. Fashion Styling Workshop Schedule

Be it the mall or the beach, every summer destination becomes a fashionable runway for kids wearing SM Kids’ Fashion’s latest offerings. The Summer 2013 Collection is now available at all SM Stores nationwide. And while you’re at it, catch the SM Kids’ Fashion Styling Workshop. Get Styled, buy, register, and get ready to do the ramp. Have a Happy Summer! Cheers! ^_^


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