Giveaway: HP Printers ;-D (Extended)

Happy Weekend! Oh happy day. It’s my 700th post! For this milestone, I am delighted to partner with HP Philippines and EON for today’s giveaway post. (Thank You so much!;-D) We’re giving out not one, but three (3) HP Printers. Yay! ^_^ Start your HP printing adventures now! So it’s time to box up that yearsss old printer, discover HP Deskjet Ink Advantage now!  Without further ado, here’s to jumpstart your upgrade, we’re rewarding my dear readers with HP Printers.

This giveaway is open to my blog readers and subscribers 18 years old up, and who have access to Makati, Philippines. Prize (Printer) is to be picked up at EON office in Makati. Representative is allowed.
Entry submission will end May 12, 2012, Local Time (Philippines). 
Accomplishe Google Doc Form on the Enter Giveaway Image. Instructions on what to do are provided on the form. ;-D
Three (3) winners in all. One winner for the Top Prize. Two winners for the consolation prizes 

Awarding of winners will be based mostly on your blog comment. Move me. Convince me. Connect with me.  Cheers! ;-D

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Update: Giveaway Winners are announced here!!! Thanks for joining! ^_^

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  1. Napakahilig ng anak ko sa Arts and Crafts kadalasan nga pag may mga free tutor about sa arts, craft and design she convinces me to go for that event. and after that ginagawa nyang mag isa yun sa bahay, nagsesearch siya kung anu yung mga magagandang design na pwede nyang iprint para gayahin pero buhat nung masira ang printer namin nahirapan na siya at parang nawala yung focus nya sa pagdodrawing. Matagal na nya hinihiling sa amin na bumili ng kapalit ng printer namin pero sa hina ng bussiness namin ngayon di namin magawa na mabili yun, and hoping for this contest manalo kami para maipagpatuloy at maenhance ng daughter ko yung talent nya.


  2. kung ako ang papalarin na mag ka printer lagi kong gagawin mag piprint ako ng mga email na mga panalo ko di kuna kailangan pumunta sa bayan para mag pa print.


  3. For the 7 long years we had this printer, we were only happy about its service for 2-3 years time. One reason is that it started, a few months after our purchase, to print noisily and became very wobbly (magalaw) while printing. Second, when printing multiple pages, the printer can easily paper jam that really causes hassle. Also, hindi na nagiging straight yung pagka-print sa paper when printing multiple pages as the printer misaligns the paper, and thus nagkakaroon ng slight angle (tabingi yung paper). Fourth, the ink easily gets dried up which is not a good thing. Fifth, in the long run thus, the printer isn't sustainable as ink refills costs 2,000 PHP. We weren't really knowledgeable of these things/problems that can arise before, and it turned out to be a single edged sword that damaged us.I'm really very OC about our prints because the way our print looks define our personality and as a neat-freak, I don't want my personality be damaged just because on how my printer produces output. That's why we refrained from using the printer starting 2009.I'm ready for an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage upgrade because it can do a lot of things – it's not just for printing as it can scan, copy and web. It's very sustainable because its easy to use, efficient (maximizes output) and affordable. Most importantly, in today's level of technology, we need something that can go with the flow, and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage can surely do that as it can allow us to print from our smartphones which is really a WOW factor!matt_pua@yahoo.com


  4. I want to win an HP Printer for my kids, they need it for school work and assignments. We have an old HP Printer that stopped working for more than a year now. I still kept it because It is just hard to throw a thing that we value. I have saved money for that and bought it, still for their school work. Not until Typhoon Pedring flooded our apartment and the unit was half submerged in water. We tried to save it and ask for a technician to check it, they can't repair it. I keep on trying to save to buy another one but I keep on failing due to some emergency needs. I am always nervous when my Son go out at night and need to have his and his sisters project to be printed in the Internet Shops, which there are a lot of \”tambays\” in the corner street. I keep on telling him to go home quick and watch were he goes. My neighborhood is not that quiet safe for my kids to walk alone. I know this will help them a lot with school works and it will keep them safe.I would like to send a photo of our old HP printer on your Instagram account, hope it's ok. I am crossing my fingers for this one. Thank you! 🙂


  5. Good day Chic & Sassy Homemaker! I was a teacher before and it's really my passion to educate children. Recently, I found out I have breast cancer, but it never gave me the reason to break down. Life is so beautiful and I don't want to waste even a minute weeping. If I'd be given the chance to win any of those printers, I'd use it in teaching my neighbor's children for free. I can make beautiful print outs with vivid colors to catch their attention. A lot of children in our community don't go to school and I want to help them in my own simple way. I would like to spend the rest of my life teaching those kids; but I am still hopeful that I will be healed…in God's time…


  6. Hi Chic & sassy Homemaker, shared you a pic in twitter. That's the printer I told you in my post. I was using it to make some \”sideline\” at home, but when it break down, I felt sad, I felt I lost one of my passions in life…but your blog gave me hope to have another one, a better & more modern one. Hope you & HP will be an instrument for that so-long dream of mine…thanks & more powers, happy mothers' day!!!


  7. We bought our first printer in 2004. It served us well. I was able to print my brother's wedding invitations on this printer and they're really nice. My kids were also able to print their reports and art projects. Last June 2012, however, it refused to print. I really don't know why. And we couldn't find a service center near our area. So it's now gathering dust in our storage room. And my kids go to internet cafes for their printing needs. I was told of the many advantages/benefits of the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage and I am sooo ready to upgrade and experience its \”Ink Advantage\” — less expensive ink cartridges and high quality printing. We really need a quality printer, especially this coming school year to help my kids gain a competitive edge 🙂 quality homework means additional points/higher grades. Also, I will be able to print math reference materials and other online contents that will serve as supplementary reading/review materials for my kids. I'm sure that these will help them achieve higher academic performance. 🙂


  8. Posting a link in here would help alot of people who bookmarked this page to know the winner quickly. Hope you post it or maybe say something


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