Few of our Favorite Baby Stuff

I am so excited to be stage auntie to my two nephews soon. I missed shopping baby stuff, it’s nice to be participating in their shopping spree once in a while. You can buy colors, prints, and designs to your heart’s content. Unlike when they turn toddler, or just a few more years older, they start to have their own preferences. ;-D We’re moving from Disney Cars Lightning McQueen stuff to other characters. I wanted to get my 7 year old son, Chase, a Naruto shirt, but he wanted a Sasuke character tee. Oh well, so Sasuke it is. ;-D Anyhow, baby stuff are just the cutest. So here’s my sister’s stash. Naturally, it’s the same brands we love all over again.

A boxful of Baby Goodies. ;-D
Baby Cloths, Bibs, Receiving blankets, Burp Cloths, Booties, Socks, Towels, Robe etc. in varying prints and designs. #Cuteness
Philps Avent forever. Only this time, she’s upgrading the Classic Avent Bottles to Natural type. And some bottles are blue! Plus, she’s getting the New 3 in 1 Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer. 

Lamaze and Fisher Price Baby Toys. We have room for more toys. 
Pampers New Baby hoarding starts now. ;-D
Awww…so pink. And these are actually what’s left from my stash from 7 years ago. We thought it’s a girl so we shopped too soon, and we’re sent with a boxful of girly goodies. And the rest is history, so I let go of few items here and there, but I still have a couple left. Oh well. ;-D 

Naturally, we’re standing by the same brands we love. To my sister in law, who’s a first time mom, I recommend also few more of my favorite baby stuff from last time, and what’s also in my baby bag then and now. So I love playing tag along during their shopping. It’s great to note that now there are more options for baby brands, and even shopping venues and sources. She bought some of the stuff online. And there’s more Sale here and there, so you actually get the really nice stuff at great prices. What are your favorite baby brands and stuff? Please do share! ;-D Cheers! 


  1. Nice & cute baby stuffs. I'm also an Avent user. Though it's costly unlike the other bottles & breast pumps, I still chose to buy it. I can never sacrifice my kids health & safety. I can relate to your son cause I am also a big fan of Naruto & Sasuke, from manga to tv series… I hope one day you can blog your son's Sasuke collection. I would love to see them all!


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