Puregold Clark April 2013 SALE

Yes!!! It’s the ultimate Sale time in Puregold Clark! Because I’m very very curious since people are asking, and searching for it, so I asked my sister to check out Puregold. Yay! ;-D This is the best time to duty free shop. I swear, if you’re into hoarding a la doomsday prepper kind, Puregold Clark is the best place ever in the Philippines to do just that.

Puregold Duty Free Clark & Subic Summer Sale 2013. Starts today, April 17 to the 21st. And there goes some of the Buy 1, Take 1’s…Colgate Toothpaste, Kirkland Baby Wipes, Dove Soap, and very affordable laundry powder.
Oh my, they must love Pringles so so much, and Spam too, plus a lot more!

So yes, I’m seriously considering going this weekend. From experience, as with any kind of sale, especially Puregold and S&R’s, PATIENCE is a virtue! ;-D But more than S&R, Puregold Duty Free (both in Clark and Subic) have more imported product lines and varieties to offer, so if you’re up for serious retail therapy and queueing, this is definitely worth your while! To those who don’t know yet, Puregold and S&R share the same family owners/managers, so yes, they more or less can offer the same very good stuff at a competitive prices for imported items vs. local supermarkets. I survived last month’s S&R Sale, and the not so recent Puregold Sale, so yes, I’m inclined to visit Clark this weekend. Cheers! ;-D

Store hours: 9am to 7pm, but even after 7pm, people were still allowed to enter, and there were still a lot of people queuing for the cashiers.

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