First Impression: Beauty & Butter’s Paraffin Treatment with Mani and Pedi

TGIF! It’s March, and I’m back! ^_^ Allow me to collect my thoughts, to find my blogging groove back with a post of my happy bubble…spa time!

Beauty & Butter Nails, Face, and Art Salon 

I had it a couple of weeks’ ago after our US trip. It’s a welcome treat. Back story, I twisted my ankle last time, it went away for a time, but I feel that it’s still sore, I was being adventurous and was always curious about a paraffin wax treatment,  so for Php 999, I availed Beauty & Butter’s package of Foot & Hand Paraffin with Mani and Pedi.

Depileve’s Paraffin Hydra System.
1) Hands are cleansed with Depileve’s Dermo Spray.
2) Exfoliated using a choice of Depileve’s DermoPeel, which is a gentle, natural exfoliaters to remove impurities and dead cells, maximising the benefits of the treatment.
3)The Collagen Elastin Plus, which is a luscious, non-greasy emulsion enriched with Collagen and Elastin to deeply moisturise and regenerate, is then applied with a relaxing massage.
4) After the paraffin dip, and removal of paraffin, Hand Cream is applied to continue the moisturising effects of the treatment and to help maintain your skin’s natural protective barrier.
Foot soak first prior to applying the Depileve’s Paraffin Hydra System steps mentioned above. Now for the Paraffin wax, from the Depileve’s website, I reckon that this is a Peach Paraffin. For my foot, they used the Lavendar Essential Oil Paraffin, which is purplish. My nail polish needed to dry so I couldn’t document the foot paraffin. Hah. 

The Paraffin Dip: After Step 1to 3, the hands/feet are then dipped into the Depileve paraffin wax bath 5 times until the wax takes on the look of a glove. Then the hands/feet are placed in toweling mitts/socks while you relax for 15 minutes. It takes a while getting used to the temperature of the wax, of course it’s hot! So you have to do it gradually, yes about 5 times, until you get used to it. And I reckon, I needed to do it, and linger on the dip longer especially on my ankle. It’s nice!

After some time, the paraffin is then removed and disposed of, and the treatment is finished with the application of a choice of Depileve’s Hand Creams. 

Claim of Paraffin Treatments: It’s during the relaxation stage after the dip and the wrap, that your muscles really begin to release tension they may be holding and the skin on the hands become rehydrated. When the treatment is over your hands will feel silky, smooth and soft, and you will notice a revitalized skin tone and deeply relaxed muscles. Credit:Source

My hands and feet are truly soft, and moisturized. And the mani and pedi followed. For Orly nail polish, I added Php 80 more. I was in need of lucky color Red, so I went for Orly’s Monroe’s Red.

NOTD: Orly’s Monroe’s Red

After the paraffin treatments, your skin is uber moisturized, the nail polish took a while to dry. So you have to really have a lot of time to spare in the salon. It’s ultimate “Me” time, you can’t rush! ^^ And best of all, I love and appreciate the Beauty & Butter’s first complimentary touch-up within 3-days of your mani/pedi. Nice! ;-D

Overall, the place is almost always full. That time, I had to return after 30 minutes. It must be such a hip salon, that Divine Lee and friends were there. Manicure & Pedicure is priced at Php 350, but this only includes ordinary polish, for Orly, you have to add Php 80. I have yet to try their basic Mani & Pedi, and I will let you know. But for the paraffin treatment, it’s love at first try. There was actually a realized soothing of the muscle pains. I highly recommend trying the paraffin treatment. I will go back for more, it seems the foot and hand spa with mani and pedi package for Php 999 is very popular. But I will have to qualify it more in the future because another nail salon offers the same package at lesser cost. So far, so good! Cheers! ;-D

Beauty & Butter is located at the 5th Floor, Bridgeway of SM Megamall. 


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