Red Hair for the Love Month ;-D

Annyeonghaseyo! ^^ I’m excited to share my latest hair color soiree. I braved doing it again, well, it’s very compelling to get it done, pronto! Because love is in the air *Happy Heart’s Day! *LoL and it’s the Chinese New Year week, and I can use a whole lot of lucky color red. ;-D Plus my crush @JGshock Lee Jun Ki is sporting such hair style. Hah! Naturally, with my penchant for almost everything Seoul-ful I had it done to a Korean Salon, Makarizo, where I had my haircut last month. Without further ado…here goes.

Tada! ;-D
It’s a L’Oréal shade with a Iridescent Red something. Sorry, I will ask again when I have the time. I was too excited! 

For a full color change, medium hair length, I paid Php 2000. Oh well…what can I do, I don’t want to risk DIY.

Before. After. 
Taken indoor, without flash.

Actually, in my heart, I would have wanted a brighter shade of red, see Lee Joon Gi’s hair here  *LoL, but I’m not sure if I can confidently pull it off. And they didn’t use bleach or did lightening procedure, so it appears a tamer reddish shade. My hair is naturally black though. It’s already on its 4th night since I had it done, but the color still bleeds in the shower. I will let you know how it looks after a week. Hmmm, I told the salon that I’ll have it redone, for free, in a week’s time, if I am not too happy with it. What do you think? Any thoughts? ;-D 


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