Review: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Serum

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ I’m so in love with Lee Min Ho Innisfree! And yes, for the past three months (December 2012 to date), it’s Innisfree all the way as my go-to skin care brand. It’s nice that I have access to the brand from my ever so reliable eBay seller, and that I finally set foot in an Innisfree shop in Seoul to replenish my supplies. Yay! ;-D

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum for KRW 22,000
Just about done. Product Description: The Green Tea Seed Serum is enriched with green tea seed and green complex from pure Jeju Island. Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture. 
Comes with a pump spout and a replaceable cover. 
Swatch. Clear, watery consistency. Leaves light, not sticky feel. Dries and absorbs fast. Comes with a nice green tea scent, reminiscent of a Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume! ;-D

I have a combination skin, mostly on the oily side…must be the sunny, humid weather in the Philippines. But the Green Tea Seed Serum is just perfect. It’s a light moisturizer with a whole lot of nutritive beauty benefits of green tea. I haven’t completely jumpship to the Innisfree Green Tea line, what I do is incorporate it my current must-have, can’t-part-ways Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Care line. Updates: So I must actually use it prior to toner, instead of finishing routine. I wonder if it works the same with the Jejubija Line though. But I tried it, it seems fine, the absorption takes a while though, but leaves off lightweight feel.  So my skin care routine goes like this… after cleansing, it’s Green Tea Seed Serum + Skin (for the Jejubija Line) + Lotion + Eco Science Spot Essence + Eye Cream + Jejubija Spot Essence W/R. Whew! ;-D

Top: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Deluxe Kit. I got this as gift with purchase from my Innisfree Insadong Shopping.  Below: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream and swatch. I got this from my eBay shopping as gift with purchase before my Seoul Stopover. The Green Tea Pure Cream comes with the same clear, but slightly thicker in consistency than the serum. I like the packaging of the Serum, which comes in a pump spout bottle plus it’s recognized as one of the bestseller of Innisfree so I went on getting the full size of the serum.  I have yet to try the whole Innisfree Green Tea line, I will be back for another post. ;-D 
Innisfree Green Tea Skincare Line Ingredients and Sequence of usage. I also have the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Mineral Mist, although still haven’t find time to use it. But I will once I try the whole line. 

Overall, as aforesaid, the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum more than nice, it’s aptly suited for my skin-type, complements my existing skin care routine, and reinforces the same nutritive benefits of Jeju Island green complex. No breakouts. Although, for my hubby’s dry skin type, it’s not as moisturizing as it should be in a California December weather. He needed to use a whole lot of it, or reinforced it with another moisturizer (Skin Food Gold Caviar Line). As for me, when we’re in California, I needed to dispense more than my usual one or two pumps in the Philippines. Anyhow, it’s always finding the right line for your skin care type.

Me, myself, and I. Makeup Free. ;-D

Will I recommend it? For the combination skin type, in a sunny, humid weather, this is more than nice! ;-D Will I repurchase? Definitely! So yes, I need another Seoul Trip very soon! Cheers! ^^


  1. @Arya: My husband said so too! ^^ Oh! I missed that! But it's weird though, since sometimes the usual way to use toner is use a cotton pad, so it feels you're like removing it. Hmmm…But I will try it! Although, I'm using a different Innisfree Skincare line. I wonder if it works the same. Thanks though! ;-D


  2. Well, i think some of innifree toners are meant to be used without a cotton pad. if you want you could try that someday! I find that if you cleanse your face really well then there actually is no need for a cotton pad (though i often use it in the morning haha ^^) well if you want you could try to wait for this to absorb first then apply toner (for me it absorbs really quicky!)


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