Travelogue: One Fine California Day

Oh well, I take it back, depending on the timing of your USA trip, shopping can actually be more fun in California. Thanksgiving Sale is something we have yet to see, but the after Christmas Sale, the semi-annual sale that retail stores call it, is in full bloom on that time of the year. So yes, read on to my several shopping posts here, and here. ;-D But on some days, considering that we’re done with most theme parks and other tourist destinations (Disneyland, Legoland, SeaWorld, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam etc.), here’s what made it to my list of to do tourist and not so tourist-y activities, but some still involve shopping though.*LoL

One Fine California Day. #No Filter

Shop at Costco. Costco is such a haven of great shopping finds, you know the usual stuff that you would love to see in your Balikbayan box. *LoL 
Shop at Marukai. Marukai is another membership store that sells mostly Japanese, some Korean brands, (I saw Missha, Lioele, Skin79) plus a whole lot more.
Watch a movie at one of the AMC theaters. There’s a lot of movies to choose from, super comfy plush seats, plus great snack choices (Frito-lays, Orville Popcorn, Mozzarella Sitcks…yum!, my kind of thing!) ;-D 
Come aboard  Battleship USS Iowa. Exciting for my son, since he’s into soldiery stuff and games, plus he saw the Battleship Movie.
A tourist destination is a visit to the Hollywood Boulevard. Here’s Chase with a Darth Vader Cosplayer. Oh my, heads up, there’s a lot of them (Cosplayers), and when you take your picture, some would actually  trick  convince you to take your pictures with them, only to ask you for donation/fee. Careful. But since my son is so into the dark side of the force, *LOL, we gave him $5.  #TouristTrap
Own a Oakley, visit Oakley’s Interplanetary Headquarters located at Foothill Ranch.  This is where you claim warranties, some repairs, adjustments, change lens, etc. BUT! I’ll save another post, but my prescription Oakley glasses, were deemed out of warranty since I got my lens from a local optometrist in Manila. And guess what, a set of Oakley prescription lens starts at $300, that’s a lot!!! 
A leisure stroll at the Downtown Disney. Rainforest Cafe is here, which is an exciting and fun dining destination for kids. And a big Lego store is also here. So yes, my son’s a happy one after a trip here. ;-D

So far, that’s how some of our days went by on our California Holidays 2012. If we’re not outlet stores and mall shopping, we went on to do these things, plus some tourist stops along the way. Food posts coming soon. Cheers! ;-D

Outfit of the Day #OOTD
On Chase: Debenhams Jeans, Uniqlo Jacket, Nike Kobe 7
             On Me: Accessorize Scarf, Gap Beaded Sequined Top, Debenhams Coat, Uniqlo Leggings, NAVA Boots

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