TJ Maxx Shopping

Oh. Happy. Day! Here’s another shopping post. Last time we went to California, it was Theme Parks everyday. This time around it’s shopping all the way. Me likey! ^_^

We actually have a TJ Maxx that seems like a 5-minute drive from we were staying. Yay! 2 years ago, I went as well. But I only bought a couple of shirts. But my, my, the handbags here are so nice too, I actually think that this branch here offer better prices, although limited selection and very fast moving stocks, vs. Michael Kors outlet store in Cabazon. But you have the nicer Nice West, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Cynthia Rowley, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger etc. I came back a couple of times for a Michael Kors bag, I havent’t found my one true bag yet! *LoL 
For my first visit, I bought these. Rather, they bought these for me! ^_^ Carter’s for my niece/nephew, Nike Socks for my son, Calvin Klein for hubby, a Ralph Lauren Top, and Michael Kors belts.
Bought these reversible MK belts. I definitely need a Michael Kors matching handbag. ;-D
The reverse of the Michael Kors belts. 
We’ve been told that a lot of Michael Kors handbags came last December 26, although new stocks come in everyday, but some, the really nice ones, have limited stocks. I already came by the store four times #Shopaholic #Addict *LoL, but I haven’t been lucky. I have something in mind, something like my belt’s print and materials. My aunt was able to get one though. I will update! ;-D 
Wilson Socks, Nike Golf Reversible Belt, Jansport Backpack. For gifting. ;-D
Nautica Tops
Trying out dresses. #Guess #Lace Available stocks are both size smaller than mine though.  

TJ Maxx is way nicer than Ross’, methinks! I quickly dropped by to a Ross shop in the mall, the hand bags are very common, plus designer brands seem to be limited to a few. TJ Maxx is the go-to destination for designer brands, Discount Perfumes, at relatively friendlier price point. So if you want to splurge, you would probably need a day to explore TJ Maxx. ;-D 

Just in case, I don’t get to do another post tomorrow, I would like to greet everyone a very Happy New Year! Cheers! ;-D

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