Start Making Magic with Maggi #ForReal ^^

I’m a Kapampangan, and supposedly known for having a bit of culinary prowess. But oh well, this still needs to be realized. Although, surely, I can say I’m a gourmand! I love to eat and it shows! *LoL But still, I don’t really have that inherent penchant to be chummy with the kitchen, even during that fleeting, yet so sweet, SAHM (stay at home mom) stint. Perhaps, being blessed to have help, and to have several from my dad’s side innate culinary experts,  except on few occasions, and cravings for Korean dishes that I fancy cooking myself, I leave the kitchen area for them to rule, mine is the dining. Hah. ^^ Hmmm…so I can actually relate on those funny yet real situations presented to us during the product launch. Although, a particular scene and character struck me the most, a corporate employed mom, who relies on fast food takeouts for dinner. Hah! #Guilty Although, I go for deliveries!  *LoL But fret not, I’m turning over a new leaf, with Maggi Magic Meals, now I can cook hearty home-cooked dishes!

Maggi Magic Meals comes in four recipe solutions from Filipino dishes we oh so love…Lechon Paksiw, Bicol Express, Chicken Pastel, and Afritada.  #Fiesta Although, I have the luxury to enjoy home-cooked meals on usual days, when in Manila, we have limited options, our Ate Jane can only do so much. Note that these are actual photos taken after the exclusive cooking demo. Of course, we did it too during the event and at home! See below. ;-D
MAGGI MAGIC MEALS offers a solution not only through mouth-watering recipes guaranteed to gather the whole family around the table, but more so through an  innovative and modern way of cooking that is so easy and efficient, it’s going to make Filipinos want to cook at home more often.
A pack contains the recipe mix, and the innovative One-time use only Maggi Magic Cooking Bag, which is food grade material and safe for cooking, approved by FDA and EU FDA, and heat-resistant! Maggi Magic Meals is the first-in-the-world- recipe solution designed for a rice cooker. #Amazing

Cook rice and “ulam” together! Here’s how:

  1. Place your chicken or pork pieces together with thinly sliced vegetables inside the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG (chicken has to be scored or sliced lightly  3 times per side to ensure thorough cooking; pork pieces need to be sliced into thin strips) 
  2. Add the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX which contains a complete blend of flavors to create a delicious stew. No need for additional ingredients, except the fresh meat and vegetables. 
  3. Add 6 tbsps. of water into the cooking bag. 
  4. Massage the bag gently to dissolve the mix, then seal the bag by tying a knot. 
  5. Place the cooking bag flatly on top of washed rice, then start cooking the rice as you normally would. After 45 mins, both rice and “ulam” viand are ready to serve! 
*Very Important Reminder: Please do not open the rice cooker anytime during the 45 mins cooking time. If ever you do, just leave it on (still on warm mode) for additional 15 minutes. The same way goes for conventional rice cooking method (stove top).

Your rice stays pristine.
Our Special Chicken Pastel cooked at home using thigh chicken fillet, plus we added slices of Kwong Bee Sausage. #Yummy

“With an innovation such as MAGGI MAGIC MEALS, Nestlé seeks to respond to needs of the modern-day homemakers with a solution that will put their resources to optimum use. With MAGGI MAGIC MEALS, homemakers now have a new method of cooking that helps save on the cost of ingredients, gas, water and soap (less pots and pans to wash). It also frees them from the fuss and too much effort of cooking an otherwise complicated dish, and instead boosts their confidence that the end dish will be delicious.”

The famous motto of Chef Gusteau (of Ratatouille) goes by, “Anyone can cook!” and yay, this is it, it’s no movie line, because with Nestlé ‘s Maggi Magic Meals, it’s actually doable! And I have my own Little Chef to attest!

Our beloved Litte Chef. A big plus here is that since he was involved in the  cooking per se, he gladly ate even the vegetables.
It’s a Friday night, so I brought Chase with me to the event. He loves Nestlé, we all do in fact!  #LoveYourOwn I missed the grand media launch sometime ago, so I was thankful to be invited again, and witness the unfolding of the magic. Wow! Theatrics aside, such an amazing, and revolutionary (that deep! Hah! ;-D) concept that allows cooking “ulam” or viand and rice at the same time! And my, truly, after the live demo, I’m impressed, plus my son is super amazed too, and after doing it at home, I am a believer!

Be amazed, start making magic by following Nestle Ph Maggi and Maggi Magic Meal on Facebook. Or the official Cook Differently with M3 web site. Cheers! ;-D

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