Love: Fun Meet with Lee Min Ho #Bench #GlobalBenchSetter

Annyeonghaseyo! Allow this ahjumma noona to chronicle her first ever fan meeting soiree, such blissful experience! Anyhow, no words can express the overwhelming crazy emotional roller coaster ride of the whole weekend night. Here goes…

Photo Credit: Official Bench Twitter Account

There were several lucky ones who were able to get up close and personal onstage with Minho-ssi. #EnvyMuch Sam Oh was the host/interpreter. Oh my, she’s amazing! Here I go again, I wish I can speak Korean. I would have traded my 6 modules/2 Years of French for it in a heartbeat! Anyhow, I will not bore you with my emotional outbursts, read on my thoughts on Twitter. ;-D

My thoughts! ;-D Please follow me on Twitter @chicsasymom
As per suggestion of a lucky fan, Lee Min Ho had Adobo for Dinner! ;-D It’s Cafe Juanita’s Two Way Pork Adobo, I recognized the crispy pork floss and the fancy seat covers.  Photo Credit: Official LMH Facebook Page

It’s nice to finally meet Marge of Kikay Trekkie. Now I know what’s her anti-aging and prettifying secrets. ^^ It’s great to share the moments with friends, in fairness, I’m just one in a million fan girl. ;-D

Last Minute Hall from Bench. My outfit for the day. Lose My Heart LMH 

All photos were taken from my beloved iPhone 4S. And I was seated at the upper box, so I can only watch from above and take photos from the screen, albeit comfortably seated. Whew ^^ #GoodMove I had a Patron Ticket but opted to take that day’s offer to go UB and get a free Mall Tour Pass for the November 18 in the New Activity Center of Glorietta 1. November 18, 2012 was the day that I died, and went to heaven. *LoL So please do watch out for my next post. It’s something! Here’s a teaser, I got an autographed ticket and photo. And how I did, speaks so highly of the Korean Superstar, Lee Min Ho, saranghaeyo! ;-D

My Precious! 

Oh my Goodness gracious, read here for more Lee Min Ho goodness! Thank you Bench! ;-D 

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