Playing Favorites: Food Finds and Treats

TGIF! Here’s a couple of favorites that the family just can’t get enough of. ;-D

 Red Velvet Cupcakes by Sophie’s Mom. We adore everything Red Velvet-y! But to date, when in Manila, this is our go-to to satisfy our Red Velvet’s cravings  @ Php 50/piece, at SM Megamall stall. We  love the generous cream cheese frosting, plus the cake is moist, it almost melts in your mouth. Chase, my uber picky son, surprisingly can finish a piece in one sitting. It’s priced reasonably so if I’m in the mood *LoL, a couple of cupcakes all for me would be like paying for a slice of cake elsewhere. ;-D
My love. Pocket Espresso by Ferrero. I have a set of espresso cups and saucers from Gourdo’s, which appears more decorative than functional (hah. ;-D) Finally, used it! I had a cupful of espresso by Ferrero. Thanks for these!  So good. I’m definitely getting more of these!   Italy, here I come! ;-D
Presenting our innate love for Nestlé Philippines. ;-D When I visited the staff shop, found these… New Nestea Green Tea Lychee flavor. I like it, green tea- + lychee flavor, without the artificial after-taste that usually comes with a powdered form of green tea. The Nestea Calamansi flavor is another favorite of mine, it tastes like a house blend. Sjora Mango Peach Flavor, we love, love, love this. And Yay, Fitnesse comes in Banana-Nut Clusters variant! ;-D
Samgyeopsal All We Want! #DIY Today’s lunch feast, Korean Grilled Pork Belly (minus the table top grilling experience . Hah. ;-D) Sangchu or Lettuce and Gochujang, bought from a Korean Grocery near us. DIY dipping sauce gireumjang made with sesame oil, salt, and black pepper. Kimchi Love from Happy 6Days Korean Restaurant for Php 200. Yum! 

Oh yeah! I love. That’s all. How about you, any great finds? Please do share. Cheers! ;-D


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