SM Kids’ Fashion SS2013 Philippine Fashion Week *Pix Heavy

Oh Wow! I’m completely mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the show. Bravo! I have a couple of things in mind, first off, I feel for the family, and friends of the boys and girls, who were beaming with well-deserved pride, and overwhelming happiness. Way to go! So naturally, the stage mom in me will definitely find a modeling stint for my son in the near future. *LoL Secondly, I wish I have a baby girl as pretty, as blonde, and as confident as those girls. Oh well. Thirdly, hmmm…strutting the runway? Interesting! Why oh why, I’m no modelling material. Hah. Lastly, and definitely not the least, oh my, the clothes…Amazing! Love the intricacy of designs, and the variety of choices at such friendly price points. So yes definitely fashion for kids at its finest! Here goes the SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday and Spring Summer 2013 Collection.

Prelude of the beauty that is yet to come. So pretty. 
Cocktails by Fruits in Bloom, gourmet creations at its prettiest and sweetest. 
Trajecitos de Bebe Collection is designed to make every child’s baptism even more momentous by dressing her up in a hand-embroidered gown made of lace, tulle, or satin. Accentuate the gown with a matching hat or cape, and a pair of satin booties for a timeless, elegant look. Welcome to the world of fashion,baby. ;-D
Crib Couture Collection offers ruffles, prints, and an elaborate head dress. Adorable.
SM Kids Crib Couture Collection for the little gentleman. Awww. ;-D
Boys Got Style Collection. Oh yeah, definitely! This line offers matching and mixing of vivid colors for the outfit, while neutral colors for the shoes. 
The pretty Little Miss. ;-D
Polka-dot dresses from the The Little Miss. It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year. ;-D
Blush Collection for the Tweens, for that glam girl vibe…Laces, pearls, and flats. On the side, love the hair do. The Holiday Collection features glitz and glamour with sequins, and bold prints for trendy ensemble. 
Girls Edition highlights on playful basics, featuring mid-pastels, embellished prints, and tulle appliques for the active little girls, allowing them comfort, and style. 
Bradley Line. Maxing and mixing colors, plus a sneakers for that sporty vibe. Hear ye for the varsity jackets for the dapper, yet fun-loving ensemble.  
Such fashionable girls indeed. Love the boots. ;-D Cool Dudes indeed. Trendy prints and fluid patters for that edgy, yet youthful vibe for our young gentlemen. ;-D 
The Hello Kitty line. So pink, so pretty, from a beloved worldwide, timeless character brand. I love. The Modern Prince and Princess. So adorable and classy the girls are, and so dashing the boys are. ;-D
Yay! ChicSassyMom went to the Philippine Fashion Week. OOTD:Top by Mango/ Skirt from SM Dept Store/ Shoes by Montego Bay Club Payless. Thank you to ARC PR for having me. Press Kit includes a Hello Kitty plushy, super love. Plus, thank you SM for the GC, done shopping. I’m off to make my son a dashing young gentleman. ;-D 

My first order of business after the show was to shop, naturally! *LoL I had to get my son Chase a few pairs. I got him outfits from Boys Got Style and Bradley Collection, plus a couple of ties, and bow tie. Oh yes, off to turn him a dashing modern prince. Next, I showed him the brochures, and asked him…”so who’s your crush?” *LoL The girls are just so adorable! ;-D 

I’m still wowed by the grandeur there was to the whole fanfare.#PhFW2012 Truly stellar performance to everyone involved.. And so my adventure to Fashion Weeks begins. Cheers!


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