Seoul-ful Meal Time: Happy 6Days Korean Restaurant {Updated}

One not-so fine day, I decided to clear away my worries by indulging in my favorite Korean Restaurant ever when in Manila. It’s still not open. I need to satisfy my cravings pronto. So finally, I went to try the adjacent Korean Restaurant, Happy 6 Days (now Seoul Korean Restaurant Ortigas). In fairness, I’ve been meaning to plan a trip because the resto serves Omurice, you know Micky Yoochoon’s beloved food in Rooftop Prince KDrama. ;-D I just had to try it too! ;-D

Dining Area. Cozy. ;-D
So comfy much…with my Korean-looking son. *LoL #My Love #FoodTripBuddy 
Every order comes with complementary side dishes. Unlimited serving, but limited to four kinds only. In fairness, they have the yummiest Kimchi ever ;-D No photo of the complementary soup. It’s not to my taste preference. 
The usual order, Samgyeopsal or Grilled Pork Belly for Php 250/order. How to eat: Hold the lettuce on you palm, dip the meat in the sesame  salted & peppered oil, and the soy bean paste, add fried garlic and onions, optional:other veggies (I add Kimchi ;-D), add rice, if you like. Wrap it, then indulge! Yum! ;-D This is not the time to be demure! ;-D 
Instagrammed Omurice at Php 200/order. The rich brownish sauce makes the difference, and makes it uber yummy. The brownish sauce,  called demi-glace comes sweet and nutty. Love it!
Omurice is a fusion meal made with omelette and fried rice. I can make the omelette and the fried rice, but the brown sauce’s recipe remains a mystery to me. Hah. ;-D 
Complementary Mixed Greens Salad in Asian Vinaigrette dressing. It’s okay. 

Let me see. The main dishes are great, and comparable to my favorite go-to resto. Price wise, about the same, but offers value/set meal. Side dishes are okay, except they’re only four, despite unlimited. Hah. Serving time of the main dish, was actually longer than usual, considering it was lean hours. In fairness, I had a couple of refills of Kimchi love before Omurice was served. But, service was okay too.

Overall, the resto offers more variety of choices at more affordable price ranges. This encourage trials. ;-D If you’re like my son and my hubby who don’t really care much about the side dishes. You will love this place. Plus, the food leans on sweet and salty, than on hot and spicy overall taste. The Kimchi here is a winner. It’s a fairly fine option to indulge. I’ll pretty much go here if I’m with my son and hubby, since I can keep the side dishes all for me anyhow. Or perhaps if the adjacent restaurant (Jang Ga Nae) is jam packed. But if you want to really feast, I still go for Jang Ga Nae for more complementary side dishes (Kimchi Pancake, Salad, Soup, Pineapple Slices).

A day after, I tried its delivery services.So happy. #First Korean Food Delivery ever

Updated (March 30, 2014) #LateUpdate

Annyeong! ^_^ I’ve been getting food deliveries from them, whenever I feel like craving Korean, and the fam bam are not really up for it! See my Instagram feed (@chicsassymom), I love, love, love the kimchi jjigae!

Happy 6 Days Korean Restaurant Delivery is here!!! You get rice for Bibimbap (mixed rice), 4 Korean Side Dishes, and Kimchi Jjigae. 
Kimchi Jjigae. Seoul-ful soup! #MustTry in Happy 6 Days

Happy 6Days Korean Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday (6 Days of Seoul-ful happiness).

Happy 6 Days Korean Restaurant is located at 8137 Plaza‎. St. Josemaria Escriva Drive. San Antonio, Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines. For Delivery, call Happy 6 Days +632.637.8282.


  1. Yeah! Happy 6Days! I love that resto! The owner is nice. Yummy food and cozy, homey place! When hubby and I used to work in a Korean company in Tektite, it's where we would order our meals when we have Saturday classes. ^__^One time, we had our late lunch there. Angelu De Leon came and joined us because one of our co-workers is her best friend. Gosh… Great memories… ^__^


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