Beauty Empties: Fall in love with ORYSPA’s Body Scrubs

I love stuffing our bathroom counters with hair and body care products. I’m seriously into hoarding! There’s no rational mathematical formula on my replenishment (shopping is all about emotion, I reckon! *LoL), it’s all about addition and multiplication, I can only have more! Hah! ;-D So I was happy to have tried, and eventually finished off these tubful of body exfoliants with oh so aromatic indulgence from another brand I have great fondness of, Oryspa. #ProudPinoyBrand

Oryspa Body Exfoliants: Champorado (Chocolate Rice Porridge) and Rice Bran Lulur Whitening Scrubs #Emptied
Oryspa Rice Bran Lulur Whitening Product Feature and Swatch

The product speaks of a Javanese royalty beauty ritual experience. Traditionally, brides-to-be of the Royal families were given Lulur treatment each day for 40 days prior to the wedding. Twist the experience with mango butter to effectively exfoliate without drying your skin and infused with arbutin from bearberry extract leaving you with a fairer and clearer skin experience.

How to use: Apply to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. Use two to three times a week.

I apply it generously all over. The tub lasted for about six pampering treats. I love the exfoliating beads. They come in abundantly. The micro beads offer gentle, yet satisfying exfoliating experience. The beads despite minuscule are relatively still grainy as they don’t melt as fast as other home body exfoliating scrubs. You can actually feel and see them on the floor when rinsing off. I love the scent. It’s so spa-ish, definitely my kind of thing. As for the whitening, I didn’t stay long enough with it, and I actually shared this tub with my hubby, so I only got to use half of its lifetime. It’s a maneuvering  trick that I learn to use, make him try and like the products that I like, so he doesn’t mind taking care of the repurchase. Hah! ;-D Anyhow, the experience leaves off softer, supple, and fairer skin, plus guarantees lingering squeaky clean feel. I love!

Oryspa Champorado (Chocolate Rice Porridge) Scrub

Oh so sweet! This is inspired by the sweet and succulent rice porridge. Apricot-infused and chocolate scented. Soften as its moisturizes your face and body leaving it soft and supple.

It looks and feels creamy. I swear on its lingering chocolate scent. So good. This scrub promises same luxurious indulgence as the Lulur’s. Although, I didn’t get around using it for my face. Oryspa has a dedicated facial scrub, of which I have yet to try.

So what do I love thee more? With anything spa-ish as my preference, I’m leaning more to the Lulur’s. Plus I like the Javanese royalty back story, the fairer skin promise is an added bonus. ;-D But hubby prefers the latter, Champorado. I honestly can’t tell the difference on the after effect, because they all makes my skin feels oh so nice, it’s more on the scent preference that will be a deciding factor for repurchase. Well, it seems we have to get both.

These body scrubs are the latest offering from Oryspa. I’m an ambassador of the brand, but prior to that, I’m an avid fan. You have to try the Meditation Balm as this opens up my love affair with the brand.

From the scientific word of rice, ORYza Sativa + Spa = Rice of the Spa ala Food for the Soul. 😀
Oryspa is a proudly Filipino brand. The brand works on beauty and skin care lines with Rice Bran as main ingredient. It takes advantage of the potent benefits of rice bran on topical applications. For more details, please check them out on their Official Facebook Page. 


  1. you're the authority on these kind of things:-).by the way, thanks for the human nature products you gave last summer… loved it! and looks like the brand is branching out. it has a store here in iloilo.


  2. One thing I was so in love on this body scrub was on it's smell. I can barely feel it's scent which I love the most. Plus, I notice too that my skin looks radiant and glowing. Thanks to this.


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