Success: Hair Color Correction

Finally, after my first attempt to color my hair again after that unfateful DIY hair coloring mishaps, there’s a brighter future ahead of my precious locks. As pre-salon visit, weeks before, I cut my hair shorter again. Just to really free it from the darkened colors. Although, it was so tempting to go for DIY yet again for economical reason, but oh I paid so much for that hair color darkening aftermath, so would shy away from it for the mean time. This time, I told the stylist, Josh of Envy Me Salon and Spa in Robinson’s Galleria, of that mishap. Instead of getting the promo rate for the hair color, I had to pay instead for a hair color correction, which is a bit more pricey at Php 3000 vs. Php 2000 for just hair coloring. Obviously, it required more extensive work. He assured me that it’s safe and effective. Best part, I can have a brighter, more even hair color streaks after the color correction.

Here we go again. ;-D
Step 1: Hair Lightening, which was done just at the tips or bottom 1/3 of my hair. 1/3 top (crown) is black , which is my original hair color. 2/3 mid-part is a brighter color from last time. 1/3 bottom part is dark, uneven colors from the hair coloring darkening mishap last time. 
Very quickly, about 15 minutes after. Hair Lightening is done! Yay! I see bleaching colors! ;-D 

Hair Coloring Proper. It was done by section, the top first, then the  mid -section, then the bottom, the part which was lightened. Whew, looks red orange carrot-y. Hah. I’m hoping to get brighter colors this time. Let’s see…

Less than an hour after….done!

With Josh, the hair color expert. ;-D I was just pleased that my hair wasn’t damaged. It ‘s still soft  and silky even now (2 weeks after). I can see colors. Admittedly, maybe I would have wanted a more brighter and bolder color. But so far, I think, I’m okay with it. It’s safe! ;-D 
Before and After

Hair color correction is the way to do it. And it has to be done professionally. My friend who had experienced the same hair darkening, re-applied another color after a month, to no avail. Remember, that I had to wait for 6 months before the salon agreed to color it. Only to still get uneven colors. If only, I explored hair color correction at the onset, then maybe I didn’t have to pay twice as much.

Hubby & Son had their hair cut done here. I chanced upon the promo, I caved in. ;-D
Envy Me Salon & Spa at Galleria, Ortigas Center. 
Updated: Here’s a couple of week after outdoor shot. 😀

Overall, I like it. The price is okay, and the staff are really nice and very professional too. I liked that they didn’t try to up-sell me to buy hair care items. It must be that I told them that I worked for one. Hah. ;-D Also, the head massage that came with the shampooing was so good. I’m so easy to get, so I’ll definitely check out their spa services soon. Anyhow, it’s hubby and son’s go-to salon, so I will be visiting more often. And soon enough, maybe don a brighter and bolder hair color. Cheers! ;-D

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