Love Ms. Piggy: ElarZ Lechon

Dinner last night was superb! #Guilty Pleasure to the highest cholesterol level

Ordered Php300 worth of Lechon (about 400g) at ElarZ Pioneer Centre Branch.  
Guaranteed Fatty & Crispy-licious Skin. Love, love, lovety, love! ;-D 
Don’t forget the Lechon Sauce. So good. Has a BBQ-ish flavor. 
Yum! ;-D

Sells for Php 360 for 500g. Oh well, for those momentary cravings, “I want to eat Ms. Piggy today!”  ElarZ Lechon is it!

P.S. I made sure to drink a hot cup of green tea after. Hah. As if… ;-D

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