Mission Accomplished: Camouflage Themed Birthday

Hi everyone! Whew, well done! My son’s, General Chase, birthday bash was such a blast! Our overwhelming gratefulness to our friends and family. Plus, I owe a great deal to my best ever party suppliers. You made us all so happy! This is just part 1, an overview. I’m compelled to novelize each and every detail of the party. ;-D

Attention! My son, adorned with his General Gala Costume. It’s a DIY. ;-D   Ravings and Praises to my balloon and dessert stations party suppliers — Say It With Balloons and All About Sweets Manila. I will post official, professional photos of the station next. So nice.
Forgive the focus on the crepe paper vs. the stage. Camouflage/Soldier Black Ops/Modern Warfare inspired stage set-up. Kiddie Tables and Chairs with theme table cloth, part of my birthday box goodies from Party City, USA.
Balloon Venue Set-up by Mommy Cherry of Say It With Balloons. I provided the Tank Balloon Centerpieces, and the ceiling swirl decorations. I love the elegant appeal of the set-up. 
Prestige Tower  Party Venue
Made to Order Pull String Tank Pinata supplier that I found on Sulit/Multiply. ;-D I just added the camouflage theme birthday streamers a la crepe paper.  I filled it with 3Kg of assorted imported candies. Too heavy though. But it was a hit! ;-D
Loot Bags, Prizes, and Giveaways. For the prizes, I’m too pressed for time to go to Divisoria, so I went to Toys R Us. I got about 40 pieces of prizes (20 major/20 minor). Too busy, I had not time to document in details. 
Loot Bags and Mini wooden stools. For the Loot bags, I used the favor pack camouflage theme from Party City, and just added candies. Plus express orders of mini stools from Mommy Cris of Paete Wood and Paper Crafts. I ordered 50 pcs (10 pcs with pink camouflage prints). So nice and totally worth it. ;-D
We also handed out theme Thank “Tank” You cards. Signed by Chase. ;-D
For the party host, I got Diane Santos. Found her at Sulit/Mutiply as well. Success! So good. We also got other entertainment package from her. So nice. I will novelized soon. 
Chic Sassy Mom, General Chase, and Dad, our thanks to everyone who joined us in this joyous occasion. ;-D

Alright, I hope I covered everything. More novelized posts coming right up (ASAP!), like the DIY General Gala Costume of Chase, the details of the dessert station by All About Sweets Manila, the sumptuous food and the superior customer service of the whole staff of Prestige Tower etc. Happy Birthday to our beloved son, Chase! Cheers! ;-D 


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