NOTD: Jade and Spark

Hello. Hello. So busy. But I’m back…hopefully! ;-D Do check out my nail polish, it’s Hong Se Na of Rooftop Prince inspired. Plus it’s match-y with my son’s birthday theme. And best of all, I have a new Tory Burch flip flops to go with it. Ravings about it next.

Never too old to follow the nail polish trend of one finger different color, please indulge me. #Young at Heart *LoL It’s usually the ring finger. But this is my fashion ring finger. *LoL The wedding band goes officially to my left, ring finger. All the fashion rings, goes to my index finger. 
Orly Spark. So sunny! 
Swatch. OPI Jade is the New Black. Go Green! ;-D
Another amazing OPI’ nail polish label. Plus it reminds me of the Jade Emperor in my current Korean Drama addiction, Arang and the Magistrate. #FanGirl much *LoL
It’s OPI + ORLY for moi. Twice the love. Yay! ;-D
NOTD: Jade and Spark. Green and Yellow. ;-D
My screen cap of  (Jung Yoo Mi)  Hong Se Na’s trendy nail polish from Rooftop Prince Episode 17. Right hand, the yellow shade is at the index finger.  

I had my nails done at The Nail Loft. It’s super, as in, the most affordable mani and pedi in the Metro for me.  Php 150 + Php 170 for both service, plus they have an ongoing promotion, less 30% off on all regular services. #Winner The service is really nice. It’s a full service deluxe manicure and pedicure. So nice. I pray that these pretty nails will see Sunday through for the party, you ought to know I’m so clumsy. I’ll show and tell come party day. It’s Friday, and I’m in love. Cheers! ;-D

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