My MacBook Pro is Alive!

Hello everyone. I’ve been M.I.A. again (so what else is new). Couple with my amazing busy-ness, I actually have a more valid reason, I thought that my beloved MacBook died on me. It was super scary. I was even quick to say, oh Apple, you’re making not love you. Anyhow, here’s the story of my MacBook’s 2nd life.

See the X sign on my battery.Β 

I noticed that suddenly my AC adapter was not lighting up ( either orange or green), at first I though it was a case of loose connections. It’s an easier and cheaper problem, I thought, it meant that I have to replace one. But not before having to try cleaning the contact points both from the computer and the adapter that I noticed the X sign on my battery. In the hardware part, it displayed that there was no Battery installed. Panic. And then there was a bothersome fan sound. I read in the forum that you need to do some resetting, it sounded complicated so I just asked hubby to drop it off at the Mac Store in Rockwell. After some time, they advised my hubby we had to bring it to the service center, because they only do system/software related issues, since it seemed it’s a hardware, I needed to bring it to the service center.

To my dismay but as expected, battery is consumable and not covered by warranty (I read that even it’s more than the one year warranty if without AppleCare, this is deemed as a hardware problem), so regardless, I need to replace it, and that’s about $100 in the Apple Store, so it should be something similar to than amount. I was bothered deeply *LoL, so it means that the battery life expectancy of a MacBook Pro bought later 2010, is only about 1.5 years. Not good. Bad. I was busy so I delayed a visit to the service center. Surprisingly, it has still enough power to allow me to open, to shutdown, and to open it again over a 3-day period (it happened Saturday). Vs. paying outright Php 4K++, if it’s a battery indeed, or the adapter, I committed myself to be techie. It was so very easy!

Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on MacBook with a battery you should not remove on your own.Β 
It’s alive! No more X on the battery! ;-D

So, MacBook guys in Rockwell, aren’t you brief on this diagnostic step? It’s in the Apple page. Yes, the fan sound went away too. The real test is when I plugged the power adapter, and yes, it worked too! Happiness overload much! ;-D

I’m at 695 Battery Cycle Count. Average for this model is at 1000. Oh my, panic, more than halfway.Β 

Alright, I’m not really entirely careful, I overcharged (sometimes), and let it show a distressful low battery sign before I charge. But with the nightmare over me, I’m now being extra diligent and caring. Yay, my precious MacBook is alive, and I can blog! Cheers! ;-D

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