Beauty Empties

Beautiful Sunday everyone! I had some free time to de-clutter my vanity, and oh my, I found these…empty bottles, and sachets. After the documentation a few minutes ago, I cleared them away, finally! My heart goes out to them, it’s so hard to let go. Ahem…short for dilly dallying much! *LoL

Clockwise: Skin Food Green Tea Milk Cleansing Gel,
Laneige Water Bank Essence,
Hera HD Foundation Moist,
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Facial Foam,
Skin79 VIP Gold Super Beblesh Balm,
Oryspa Goat’s milk and Oatmeal Rice Bran Soap,
 Oryspa Rice Bran and Lulur Body Scrub,
SkinFood Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue (Down to my second box),
Dermal Snail Collagen Mask,
Innisfree Jejubija Emulsion, Spot Essence R & W,
SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Essence,
Innisfree Eco Natural Cover BB Cream.
Pending Reviews: Laneige Water Bank Essence,
Hera HD Foundation Moist (Please see several FOTD posts though.)
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Facial Foam (So good! Love the full line of the Innisfree Jejubija)
Skin79 VIP Gold Super Beblesh Balm (Please see several FOTD posts though…Review & Giveaway post soon! ;-D)
#Addicted to Seoul-ful Korea Korea Cosmetics Much
Super love! From my Oryspa loot last time. Definitely need to repurchase. Review & Giveaway Post soon. ;-D #ProudlyPhilippineMade
Escargot Love! ;-D Complements of K-POP Collections Online Shop. Oh yes, review & giveaway post soon! ;-D

Oh well, that’s all! Hmmm, as you can see I have a lot of pending posts. I will do so, ASAP. ;-D I will today call myself officially a superwoman! I pray for bottomless superpowers! It’s not easy doing all these acts…mommy, wifey, corporate employee, party planner, tutor, Grade 1 Level Couple Representative & a member of school board all on our first year in LSGH, aspiring Lifestyle blogger and more. I love! I’ve been missing in action in the blogosphere, and sadly missed a couple of media events too. I will try better! I will work harder! Kudos to those moms who do these better than me! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ;-D Please stay tuned for more. Cheers! 


  1. I just bought the Innisfree Jejubija trial pack set! I hope it works wonders for me too :)Quick question: If you had P10,000 to spend on any one Korean cosmetics shop, what would be your top3? Excluding the expensive ones hehe


  2. @Lady Moonlight: Will do asap. ;-D For the mean time, please do check out the links, if they're highlighted in pink, it means reviews are available. ;-D@Anje F: I so love the line. Wish that it'll will suit your skin too. ;-DPhp 10,000: will Definitely get the full size of the Innisfree Jujubija Anti-Trouble Line. I'll get The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream a la Snail Cream. Good note about excluding the expensive ones, because if you get the SkinFood Grape Cell Platinum Line (reviewed last time), Php 10K wil be gone in no time especially if yo buy in the store. ;-DHope this helps, let me know, if you need more specific items (e.g. skincare, makeups)^_^


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