Only the Good Curls: Shu Uemura Gold Eye Lash Curler

Nowadays, trivial as it may sound, I can name two reasons, which inspire me to try to be pretty, at least relative to my age. *LoL Firstly and most importantly ( another round of *LoL), you ought to know I’m obsessed a big fan of Korean Actors Dramas, and the lady leads. I covet their natural glowing beauty. And they don’t wear much makeup…red/pink lips, rosy cheeks, thinly-lined eyes, perfectly curled lashes, and satiny white skin. That’s pretty much workable with my current Asian Cosmetic hauls, except I don’t naturally possess of such voluptuous and to-die-for lashes, and worse, I’m not a big fan of eye curlers, so I missed on the beauty of such. Sad. I’ll tell you why in a bit. Secondly, I love the stunning transformation of Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs in Devil Wears Prada. One pivotal moment is when she was introduced to Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler. A couple of months back, I saw the movie for the nth time. It just dawned to me, oh my, I’m so outdated! So maybe I have to give lash curlers a second look. Timely, my good friend went for a trip to Japan, so included in my shopping list was the famed Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Yay! ;-D

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler in Gold
In the box, is the eye lash curler, and a piece of silicone refill pad.
I like it in Gold. ;-D
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Product Features:
The award winning Shu Uemura eyelash curler is adored by makeup artists and celebrities worldwide. The curler’s high performance and innovative design create a natural, beautiful curl with ease. The uniquely curved design allows it to fit various eye shapes and prevent it from pinching the skin. The shape of the silicone pad gives an elongated sweeping curl instead of the harsh crimped look. The durable hinge at the center of the curler regulates the amount of pressure applied to the lashes which ensures the utmost safety.
Here’s how to achieve natural, beautiful eyelashes the Shu Uemura’s way. ;-D 
Exhibit 1: Curled lashes vs. my usual sparse lashes.
Exhibit 2: Natural curls with Shu Uemura’s. 
Exhibit 3: More dramatic lashes with Majolica Majorca’s Lash King
Exhibit 4: …with Lashem’s Double Trouble Mascara. Love this much,  you get the drama, while it’s  still easy to remove. ;-D

I have sensitive eyes. For some reason, they turn red and get irritated easily. That’s mostly why I stayed away from eyelash curlers and to heavy eye makeup. A couple of months back, I consulted with my Ophthalmologist friend, I was given eye drops and advised to stay away from such irritants. It improved, but not fully. But the promise of the eyelash curler won, so I caved in. I bought. But to my earnest heart’s desire, thankfully, it did not trigger the irritations. Because it’s so easy to use, and very quickly delivers visible curls, see Exhibit 1. It’s almost effortless. If you apply a bit more, you get those great dramatic lashes even more, even without mascara. And the curls hold all day, all night. True, it doesn’t pinch the skin. That’s my major turn-off from my eyelash curler before. For the price, I get a free refill as inclusion, it’s a good deal, because I read that this mighty artillery has a superb life expectancy. *LoL Although, take note on the warnings and when to replace reminders. If so, it’s all good. ;-D

Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler friendly reminders on warnings and when to replace. It says 3 moths, most would say otherwise…years!  ;-D
#Instagram Love ;-D FOTD…Face: Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream/ Skin Food Sweet Potato Hydra Cushion Pact Eyes: Majolica Majorca Lash King in Brown/ Blush: Majolica Majorca Customize Blush/ Lips: SkinFood Black Bean Lip Liner No. 3 Peach Pink/ Lebelage Lip Gloss No. 5 

Boo me, this is my first ever Shu Uemura’s prized purchase, I might have to do some catching up pretty soon. So far, I like it. So pretty.


  1. I love your Shu Uemura picture with those pearls! It makes it looks even prettier! I have been using my Shu curler for years and I think it still works very well! The best eye lash curler ever! 😀


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