Camouflage Party Planning Updates: Theme Supplies, Venue, and Host ;-D

Hello. Sometime ago I posted about my son’s upcoming birthday, with only about a month to go, I’m stressed out excited! Anyhow, the stress was mostly about the delay of the arrival of the Balikbayan  Box from the States, which took at most 30 plus days to arrive, the latest ever to date considering it’s a Metro Manila end point, rant post here! With the delay, to date, I haven’t finalized a balloon package to avail since I need to know what I have for decors. Naturally, I would like to request for some discounts or so, since I will be providing some of the materials. Although I already set my mind on one particular supplier, I just have to hear from her again.

Camouflage/Soldier Party Supplies bought from Party City. Wow! I’m so so excited! These were from the store, I was particular about Party City because there’s a store near our relative, which is pretty accessible, and more workable vs. online shopping. And from the looks of things, she definitely had fun shopping! Bless her soul! ;-D 
More Camouflage Theme Party Supplies…Candles, Favor Pack/Party Loot Bags, Invitations, Balloon Centerpiece.
Camouflage/Soldier Theme Plates, Cups, Meal sets, Tank Thank You Cards, Centerpiece Mother Balloons. 
Candies and Chocolate Overload. For the loot bags, and candy station. 

And now for the venue, and food…

Roofdeck Prestige Tower Ortigas Center with food by Chow Unlimited Corporation (in-house caterer). This was an actual setup when we visited, excuse the mop. *LoL We preferred this vs. One San Miguel’s because it’s more spacious, plus plus. ;-D
One San Miguel by Baby Nathan’s Kitchen. Also, with Catering Trio. This party venue is nearer from our place, but the area is not as spacious.  

Lucky, we were able to secure the venue for the actual birthday. Yay! Reservation was paid already. Although, we were hoping to delay it a bit, since we’re hoping to have my hubby’s family with us. Anyhow, great that they already confirmed to make it for that day too.

For the hosting, and other entertainment, I tried getting Ms. Jiggles the Balloon Lady, but she was already booked. From my hunting, I found Ms. Diane, although I only found a couple of reviews. But I talked to her a couple of times over the phone, and she sounds okay! ;-D

I’m now in need of a party cake, I liked someone a lot, but she’s fully booked. So I might check out again Layers & Layers Cakes by Arlene since she’s our go-to cakes in Ortigas Center from most of our parties. More importantly, I hope to hear form my first choice balloon supplier. I’m finalizing the balloon package, plus food carts, and entertainment. I will be back for more updates.

Any recommendations? Please do share. ;-D 


  1. i'm planning on throwing an army inspired party for my nephew but can't seem to find army party favor here in the Philippines.


  2. So cute party favors! Would love to have the same theme for my son but since you said na medyo limited dito sa Philippines parang it breaks my heart. Sana madali makahanap sa Divi 😀


  3. Hello moms! nice and helpful article. any update on where to get camouflage theme supplies? Successful ba ang divi hunt? thanks!


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