Too Cute: Crayola Color Changing Scrubby

These are just too nice, and fyi, these are not for Chase…these are ours (mine & hubby)! Hello Couple’s Bath Pouf! *LoL

Crayola Color Changing Scrubby a la Mesh Bath Pouf. Crayola is a brand we love, love, love. It’s such a reliable brand…ever.  Some time ago,  we went Clark duty free shopping, this time at Parkson’s. We found these. Hubby got the blue, mine is the purple. Sells for about a $1 (Php 42) each. We didn’t get any for my our son, Chase, because you’ll see later, he got an equally nice bath pouf. ;-D
Color Changing Scrubby. Just add warm water to change color. Add cool water to change back! That’s just a nice add on! We’re really after the brand reliability, plus the mesh sponge is compact, tightly secured in a bun, and the meshes are soft. We can’t live without the comforts of hot showers. So yes, we can enjoy the color changing! ;-D …The blue, turns white! ;-D 
Mine. Purple turns blue. #Cute 
One can never have too many bath poufs and shampoos, and conditioners, and body scrubs, and facial scrubs. ;-D Have more of these on the other part of my bathroom. You ought to know I hoard personal cleansing products. Hubby told me to get rid of those other bath poufs, the back scrubber and the loofah + sponge. I just don’t have the heart yet. I rationalize by saying I’m still using those! *LoL 

Recognize the Red Bath Pouf? Yes, that’s none other than Disney Cars Lightning McQueen at Chase’s service. ;-D He has a Tow Mater too. Now you know why we’re keeping these cute color changing Crayola scrubby for ourselves. *LoL But of course, he wants his own color changing scrubby too, anyhow one can never have too many bath pouf. #The More The Merrier ;-D On a mommy note, these are such engaging bath mates for the kids. If you ever find it a bit challenging to make your kids love bath time, these might do the trick! ;-D  


  1. It's the first time I heard about scrubs changing colors. Lol. I am not sure if I wanted those. I afraid that I might enjoy their chameleon changing color and it would take me more time in the bath. hahaha!


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