Red Dawn 2012

Hello everyone. While stalking Rotten Tomatoes’ page for the release date of The Hunger Games, I chanced upon Red Dawn’s trailer… and yay! So now, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving 2012 for its screening date.

Red Dawn in theaters November 21, 2012. 

This is a remake of the 1984 Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen. I’ve seen it! It’s interesting. I can still remember most of it. But hear ye, hear ye, for this remake you have Thor and Peeta! *LoL Although this is Chris Hemsworth pre-Thor and Josh Hutcherson pre-Hunger Games. With two blockbuster hit makers on the bill, now it’s definitely a best time to un-shelve this, as it finally gets a release date. It was initially slated for a November 2010 release date. Oh by the way, the movie also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Denny Duquette of Grey’s Anatomy. Interesting indeed! How nice, all the nice guys in one movie! ;-D

Chris Hemsworth as Jed Eckert (played by Patrick Swayze on the previous film).
Josh Hutcherson as Robert Morris
More Josh Hutcherson (Go Peeta! ;-D) 
Connor Cruise also stars on the movie. He’s Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son and not my crush. #FYI 

I Thor-oughly love Chris Hemsworth, and I’m cheering for Peeta Mellark all the way, vs. Chris’ younger brother Liam Hemsworth’s Gale Hawthorne! #TeamPeeta So yes, this fangirl is all out supporting Red Dawn 2012. Anyhow, fawning aside to my boy loves and crushes, this time, the boys and girls will battle against North Korean invaders. This and that, the over-all plot is interesting enough.

…and the North Koreans attacked! 

So there you have it, more movies to watch.

Photo Credits: Official Movie Poster (Google Image), all the rest are my personal screen captures from the movie preview. 


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