Relentless. Resilient.

Oh my! I hope that all is well…safe, dry, and warm.  Metro Manila is again at the forefront of climate change’s unrelenting impact as most of Luzon was swamped by monsoon rains yesterday. Here’s hoping for a better + sunny Wednesday even.

Here’s my screen capture from Project NOAH yesterday. And yes, that’s some big RED areas.  Latest as of 9am today, 8/8/12,  Metro Manila is now at Yellow Signal. Hope it stays the rest of the day. 

I have to say though, I’m glad to be sort of acquainted with Twitter, I’m not that Twitter savvy yet, but my, the Twitterverse is such a rich and powerful source of real time information. See Rappler’s compilation of Netizens tweets. I’m now a believer. I especially admire the candor of  Karen Davila for her passionate concern of the welfare of BPO’s employees, as most faced the obstacle of being isolated in terms of non-compliance of the government’s order of work suspension yesterday including the Private Sectors. True, employees are not waterproof! Hello! Anyhow, more than anything else, it was also a great and easy venue for vigilance and resilience to shine the most. There’s the overwhelming flow of volunteerism to lead rescue and relief operations. It’s Filipino’s commendable values, “malasakit” plus more at work at its best. On the other hand, later in the afternoon, the Genesis 8:7-12 started to trend too, Worldwide even at some point.

Relating it to the date 8/7/12, now a day, which will be sadly remembered for the horrific devastation it left Metro Manila in a sad reminiscent of Ondoy’s experience, and Sendong’s to neighboring towns,  Genesis Chapter 8, verses 7-12 talk of Noah’s Ark and the The Great Flood. It seemed a peculiar coincidence, but then, if you want to be Biblical and contextual, the Rainbow at the end of the great deluge will always be a sign of God’s Covenant. Keep the Faith! ;-D

8/7/12 lunch time at Julia Vargas corner San Miguel Avenue. Our utility bill was due for payment, I braved going to the payment center. 
SM Megamall was open yesterday. Although, most shops were closed. The SMART/PLDT shop was also closed. 
On a lighter note, it’s not a good day to shop. I was almost tempted to impulse buy at Bench because of the SiHae promotion. But I realized that August 15, for which the event is set, falls on a work day, and I had an evening event at my son’s school! Oh well. 

We are grateful to be living in Ortigas Center, so far, so good. Classes for today have yet again been suspended. And so is my work, because of flooding and power outage. Although, hubby’s business as usual. I hope and pray that all will be well. Keep safe!

To do our share of charity, please read How to Help. Be #SafeNow #PrayForThePhilippines #BangonPilipinas

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