Shoes and LBD + OOTD

Hello. In the spirit of retail therapy, here’s a long overdue shoe haul post from last time’s 3-Day SM Megamall Sale. ;-D

I got 4 pairs from CMG (Celine Mix Group) shop at The Atrium, SM Megamall …2 x Lewré and 2 x Marble Ink. At buy 1, Take 1 plus discounts for about Php 5000 for all.  #SaleTime

I got the basic colors and designs, as always. I don’t really pride myself in being adventurous and outgoing on my outfit choices. More often than not, I rely on accessories to bring some dash of colors and prints to my usual coordinating all-black or brown ensemble.

I love this pair from Lewré. The design is pretty basic, but my, the wearability is superb. 
Long Black Sleeveless Cardigan. Thrifted.
OOTD. Lewré. Zara Little Black Tube Top Dress. Sleeveless Cardigan.

Oh yay, here’s to braving showing off my arms. LoL* Black is might, truly! And might I add that I’ve been dreaming to pull off this outfit since I bought that Zara LBD from yearsss back, but I never did have the courage until recently. Anyhow, I’ve been actually hearing this, here and there, “You’re a mom!? followed by “you look younger…”, yada yada, and/or “you don’t look like a mom!” HELLO, so I’m not even sure are those complements, or what. I know of several more uber glamorous mommy bloggers out there. So yes,  I admit, call me late bloomer, but today, 30ish and all, more than ever, is the time to be fabulous!  Cheers! ;-D


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