Back to School Mates SY 2012 – 2013

Hello! Happy Monday! ;-D So yes, summer vacation was finally over for my son, and mine too. Last week, I was far too busy and excited to gear up for my son’s first day of class. It’s his first big school adventure. If I had written this post on the first day, I would have called this post “Not Ready for School”, progressing to “Not Quite Ready for School”, to today’s “Almost Ready for School”.  LoL* You have to understand that it’s my first run to the bookstores to get him school supplies, instead of just concerning myself on buying just a snack/lunch tote like what we’re used to in preschool. When I meant big school, literally in class size, population, and campus. So it took a lot of getting used to around the school offices, lining up, hours even, to finish transacting at the business office, and even at the school bookstore to get him his school uniforms, books, school supplies etc. Oh well… I survived! ;-D

Sticker Labels by Robee Stickers. I joined the school opening rush by just getting him the  stickers a day before. It took me an hour for my turn. I also got him a plain (white background, no design) stickers for his notebooks. It’s pretty challenging to get a design for boys. So I went for the basic, Initials and Philippine Flag to label things requiring home address. If you have a printer handy, and a lot time and patience to do trial and error, to cut etc., it’s best to just buy sticker paper and d.i.y. sticker labels.

Chic & Sassy Homemaking Tip!!! The school bookstore offered the whole set of school supplies per year level. Except for art papers, which were needed to cover the notebooks, which I only learned the first day. Here’s the deal, don’t label or cover the notebooks just yet. I did, and ended up wasting that set of stickers. As they would usually, more often than not, want to color/number code the notebooks.

Oh wow, it was quite a challenge covering and labeling each of the notebooks. Photos below are my good, better, best attempt as I go through covering each one of them. I only covered the front part, since the back includes the Alma Mater Hymn, so it’s best left uncovered, methinks. Thankfully, the school notebooks come with a sturdy strong removable plastic cover, one less task to do. Anyhow, I recommend using a back to back (double sided adhesive tapes) instead of the usual scotch tape when covering with art paper. And then just apply the tape over the whole area not covered with plastic for better protection and lasting usability. 
I got him a matching Disney Cars Pencil Case from Toys R Us. Label, label, label.  ;-D Not just in the spirit of being proprietary, it’s really saving yourself from replenishing pencils faster than needed. Since my penmanship is not too stellar, I opted to print them out. I’m also making him use the goodies I got from TreeHugger. Check more products from TreeHugger here.
#DisneyCarsOverload We *heart Lightning McQueen, you ought to know. ;-D   Although, if I’ll get my way, I would love to get him a Jansport Wheeled Pack too. Eggshell Hard Case Disney Cars Character Trolley from Toys R Us, on sale for Php 1200++.  Matching Bag Tag from Bag Tag SM Megamall. 
Cars 2 Insulated Lunch Tote from Disney Store. A gift among many other Disney Cars  goodies from last time.  As soon as I find time to go back to the school bookstore, I’ll update his lunch mates…thinking of getting him matching Genuine Thermos niceties.  
Name Tag. It’s the required 4 inch x 5 inch size. Laminated. And, must I tell you,  that I’m a bit disappointed that I had to get one for him again, because he dropped it, 2 days after! So I guess, I better get it on a sling, instead of the clip. 

On school uniforms, patches, and badges…Being a new student, I didn’t know until too late that I had to order right away the name patch at the school bookstore. So we don’t have it yet, it takes more than a month for it. For the uniforms, I decided to get them too in the bookstore, with the shirt jacket type, I’ll probably still get them there since they come with a machine-stitched school badge in the pocket. While the Grade/Level patches are sold at the bookstore, naturally I had to hand-stitch them, with my mom’s help. ;-D

Oh, and the traffic takes getting used to! Seriously, it’s not for the faint-hearted. LoL* Waking up 5am is something we’re perfecting too. Anyhow, practice makes habit, in time. It’ll be a walk in the park. #ThinkPositive

That’s all for today. I will not even cover how Chase’s Assignment Notebook is filling up for things to do by yours truly. LoL* 4 days, not complaining, just saying. So far, so good. Chase actually told me the 2nd day that I was making him a dwarf by waking him up too early, which got me worried a bit. But eventually, once he got used to a super earlier bed time than his usual, he’s doing fine, getting by, and mighty excited for school. ;-D That’s my boy! ;-D Cheers! 


  1. Des, Riley will be in first grade this year at the same school. Wondering if the requirements (art paper, etc) still holds true now, 3 years later. I am overwhelmed for him because he has too much stuff! Will label and make that name tag. Thanks for the guide. – Kaye


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