Lee Min Ho for Bench?

Annyeonghaseyo! It’s been a while since I did some Korean-related post, but fret not, I’m still as crazy, I just pulled another all-nighter, as in 6am-ish, the night/day of my son’s first day of school! I was super groggy, but inspired with Micky Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince, he’s so worth it! LoL*Anyhow, yesterday I went to buy the another set, the supposed better and HD copy of BOF (Boys Over Flowers) Korean Drama, I’m set to de-stressed over the weekend with another re-run for the nth time, my cousin told me of the a breaking news to us KDrama addicts…entitled K-Pop Star is new Bench Model! Definitely looks like Lee Min Ho to me. I’m hoping and praying that maybe someone, somehow, someday, Lee Min Ho can actually make it here in our beloved Sunny (now Stormy) Philippines. ;-D

Here’s my screen cap of the article. Credit: Source

Jerry Yan did it! Lee Min Ho’s Gu Jun Pyo is definitely poised to do it too, long overdue though! Oh, well, better late than never. So let’s look at the clues…enjoys a huge following in Asia? 5M++ Fans in his Official Facebook Lee Minho page , HELLO, definitely! Koreanovelas? Hmmm, BOF, Personal Taste (a.k.a. Personal Preference), and City Hunter…several, as in all his dramas after BOF were all aired locally. Let’s get the confirmation, anyone!? 😀 #SuperExcited #FanGirl #Noona


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