Meet Doc McStuffins, Disney Jr.’s New Toy Doctor

Hello. ;-D Last Saturday, Chase, my 6 yr-old son, had a fun-filled day, all thanks to Disney Junior. We attended the special screening of Doc McStuffins, the latest original series by Disney Junior. The show aims to educate our little ones on how to take care of themselves, and others, best of all, their toys.  Premiering this July 9, the show puts an animated, kid-friendly twist to visiting the doctor and having checkups.

Meet Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, a 6-year old “toy doctor” with a compassionate heart and a knack for healing toys and stuffed animals around her neighborhood. She has the ability to talk to toys once she puts on her stethoscope and runs a doctor’s clinic for toys out of her playhouse. 
Here,  in one of the episode, Doc McStuffins diagnosed and treats a little Jack in the Box, with her is Stuffy, the dragon.
 With her trusted toy friends— Stuffy, an overly proud stuffed dragon; Lambie, a stuffed lamb who loves to cuddle; Hallie, a jolly hippo receptionist; and Chilly, a hypochondriac stuffed snowman.

Each episode of Doc McStuffins includes original songs sung by the characters such as the “Time for Your Checkup” song. Additionally, Doc can be seen encouraging toys to not be scared by the doctor’s instruments and even rewarding toys with a sticker once they’ve completed their checkup. During the end credits, Doc also gives advice to its young viewers about staying healthy. 
The event was held at one of the party room of Active Fun at The Fort, BGC. Read on more of our fun-filled time at Active Fun here.
Enjoying and marveling at the two episodes shown. 
Kids, with Chase included, took time out from the meal and break time to watch the re-run of the episode.  The episode with a Race Car Toy was so much fun…Oh well, boys and cars. While with the Jack in the Box episode, Chase was a laughing hysterically at some point.
We were treated with yummy snacks at Active Fun. Love the Chicken Quesadilla.  ;-D
Parlor Games. You ought to know, we take them seriously *LoL. Chase in blue shirt, joining both games, and winning Disney Jr. Yellow Lunch boxes. He made extra effort to win two because he wanted to give one out to his cousin, Gabe.  How very nice of him! He had great time gaining new friends and playmates. ;-D
Loot Bags Love

I have to say that the characters are all so lovable. I’m definitely sure little girls would fall in love to all Doc McStuffins’ plushy and cuddly toy pals (Lambie, Hallie, Chilly), I am. ;-D While little boys, like my son, would have a fun time with Stuffy, the dragon. ;-D The new show lives by the hallmarks of Disney’s storytelling – fantasy and wish fulfillment. It also communicates to kids a strong sense of community. Furethermore, the show teaches them important values such as compassion for people and things all around, and foremost, the practice of lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it (toys, animals and people).  Doc McStuffins will premiere this July 9, 2012, 9:30 am, only on Disney Junior.

Thank you so much for having us. We had a mighty good time. Chase marveled at seeing the commercial of the upcoming sneak peeks of Doc McStuffins. He’s definitely looking forward for more the adventures of Doc McStuffins and her equally adorable friends and toy pals. ;-D

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