IPANEMA Urban Jungle Collection…Spoil Your Sole

Hello again. This is just another great happening to show and tell. Last week, I was invited to Ipanema’s Urban Jungle Fashion Show… to quote my son, it’s legend of awesomeness overload.

The Bonifacio High Street Activity Center transformed into a mystical and magnificent Ipanema Fashion Runway with the sight and sounds reminiscent of the Urban Jungle. 
The host was this supposed funny and quirky Caterpillar, who will eventfully transformed into a glamorous butterfly as its fellow animals strutted their way into the urban jungle, a place where there is boundless freedom to express one’s definitive flair and need for comfort. Indeed, it was a runway spectacle like no other. AMEN to that. WOW! ;-D Two guests were asked to step up the stage, and had the chance to try out and to own a pair. Nice. ;-D 

Here are some shots I took. As my better Canon DSLR was taking a trip to Beijing without me yet again (LOL*), I had to settle with my iPhone4s to document. I was seated 3rd row (I was late, and missed the cocktails…boo me!).

The Vibrant and Sophisticated Peacock.
The Soaring Eagle.
The Sleek and Agile Pack of Wolves
The Sexy and Imperial Snake.
The Urban Jungle Mystical Animal Ensemble for the roaring finale. 

It was such a feast for the senses. Theatrics aside, the whole fanfare is enchanting….the stage, the set-up, the lights, the sounds, the models’ transformation to mystical jungle creature with their energy, costumes, makeup, coiffures and all. And then, there is of course my weakness… shoe wears! ;-D I have a handful pairs of IPANEMA flip-flops. My earliest pairs go as far back as 2007, and they are still very much alive, as in! But with their continuing releases of artful collections, I can’t help but to get a new pair every so often. ;-D

A sneak peek of Ipanema’s Urban Jungle Collection. Here are some of my favorites. ;-D What’s yours? ;-D

Oh! So. Pretty! ;-D Oh! My!

For more information, visit the IPANEMA Philippines official Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines)


  1. Ipanema recently brought the Urban Jungle Fashion Show to Davao, we loved it. Very unique and one of a kind runway show. :)http://www.astoldbyjulz.com/2012/10/ipanema-urban-jungle-fashion-show.html


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