Review: SkinFood Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam

Annyeong! It’s back to regular programming…Korean-related beauty post. ^_^

SkinFood Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam is my latest wash-off mask addiction by SkinFood. 
I got a trial pack initially as gift with purchase from my eBay shopping. It’s love at first try. I bought more after. 
SkinFood Lavender Tea Salt Mask Foam Product Description: A foaming cleanser infused with lavender tea and Himalayan salt that helps moisturize skin while washing away dirt and oil. Leaves skin soft and supple, like a facial mask does.
How to use: Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and lather. Massage skin and wash off with lukewarm water. Splash with cold water for astringent effects.
Swatch. It’s truly lavender-scented. ;-D With a littlest grains of salt a la iodized salt sizing. When you massage them, they melt…and it taste salty. LOL*
Seriously addicting. ;-D
I’m addicted, you can tell, I take time to cut them open just to make sure I used a pack to its fullest. LOL* After a while, you can tell that there’s more in the sachet, it’s just it’s so hard to get it out. A pack is good for 2-3 times use, good for a week, when use every other day. 
I adore exfoliating masks!!! In terms of personal preference, I have to rank the SkinFood Lavender Tea Salt Mask first, with SkinFood Black Sugar Mask as the second, and the Rice Mask as third. While all aforesaid masks leave my face squeaky clean, nourished, and supple, the Lavender Tea Salt Mask addresses some qualms related to the Black Sugar Mask with it having a bit of sizable sugar grains for its exfoliating beads. Plus, I still enjoy a lingering relaxing lavender-scented skin regimen, which is a minus point for an almost unscented Rice Mask. This makes the Lavender Tea Salt Mask, the go-between for those with sensitive skin, and choosy scent preference. So this is a winner. There’s a green tea version, but since most of my facial cleansers are already green tea-infused and scented, a lavender is a welcome variety. 
Me, Myself, & I…After a luxurious Lavender tea Salt Mask indulgence.
…and the Instagram version. LOL*
A trial/sample pack sells for Php 20 each from BHappywithme, the 170g full size is also available for Php 500++. I’ll definitely get a full size very soon, it’s just that I’m juggling usage with so many other Korean masks, and I can only use so much in a week’s time. LOL* But I recommend this for all skin-types, it gives off the right moisturizing without the greasy feel at all, the deep cleansing without over drying…and so on and so forth. No breakouts too. Plus, if you’re a fan of lavender-scented goodies, this will not disappoint. Cheers! ;-D


  1. Hmmm… I should have asked the husband to buy this for me the last time he went to Skin Food. Puro Royal Honey yung pinabili ko kasi, and he got lots of White Rice and Acai Berry mask samples in return. 🙂


  2. Hi Sis! 🙂 I love the Royal Honey masks too, except I want some exfoliating beads, perfection si lavender. ;-D The Acai naman, I find it too moisturizing for my skin type.


  3. actually im using black sugar mask wash off. just last night, i tried the lavender tea salt mask foam (sachet). and okay naman sya. i think you're right. mas ok yung lavender tea salt. 🙂


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