What’s Cooking? *Pix Heavy

Hello everyone! See us in our toques and aprons, sweating slicing and dicing, kneading and stirring…here are the sumptuous details of the One Hyundai Club Life in Style: Little Chef event  at the Center of Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila in Katipunan Avenue.

Carbonara Overload. One of those platter of Pasta Carbonara is our creation. Yay! ;-D One Hyundai Club Life in Style invited us to a half-day cooking course at CCA-Manila for the Litte Chef Event, one of several more lifestyle events in store for members of One Hyundai Club
Celebrity Chef Mom, Rosebud Benitez, and Chef Michael Bautista did a cooking demo of the Pasta Carbonara at the USDA Kitchen. Then we’re off to the CCA kitchens for the pizza dough demo, and for our share of making the Pizza Supreme, Pasta Carbonara, and Picnic Fruit Punch. Photo Credit: One Hyundai Club Life in Style FB Page
The invite mentioned only Little Chef, so it was a pleasant surprise that parents would also be part of the activity. We’re loving our Toques and Aprons. #Feeling
How to make pizza dough from scratch. Chase, so serious! ;-D I tell you, it looks easy when the chefs did it, but it’s not! We had help to get ours done. But it sure was fun trying it out. Maybe next time, we’ll get it right. 
Chase frying the bacon for the carbonara. #SoCute
Our Carbonara. It’s hubby’s favorite dish. So we’re thrilled for the chance to learn it. #Career Photo Credit: One Hyundai Club Life in Style FB Page 
Pasta Carbonara ;-D 
Trying out the pizza sauce.
Our Pizza Supreme without cheese yet. We then topped it with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
 Certified Pasta Carbonara, and Pizza Supreme Chef LOL*…with Chef Rosebud and Chef Michael. 

Thanks to One Hyundai Club for a delightful afternoon. It was a great day to bond with Chase, as in. Although, we were pressed for time, I still let him do his share of dough kneading, frying, stirring, and food tasting. I take pleasure in seeing Chase exploring culinary arts. He had such a big appetite after, to devour the Pasta Carbonara that we cooked.  He has taken a fancy to the state of the art kitchen of CCA’s USDA training room, and that’s quite a high bar to benchmark when it comes to managing his expectations in the future. ;-D

Off we go to enhancing our culinary powers. Yay! 

This is just one of several more lifestyle events in store for One Hyundai Club Life in Style members. Visit the One Hyundai Club on Facebook, and the official website http://www.ohclifeinstyle.com.ph to learn about the membership, members’ benefits and perks. 


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