Swim Time Halt

Hello everyone! Quick break from beauty/girly posts…here are some ravings and mishaps from our aspiring swimmer, Chase. Remember last summer that he took express swimming lessons, he’s been improving since. So it’s a major deciding factor to move in to a place with an added pool amenities, despite a higher rental rate than what we had last time.

Chase with his ever reliable Speedo Swim Vest taken last Boracay Summer 2011. He used this for about two years, although, he’d rather go for the kickboard after his lessons, we still bring this on our recent trip early this year,  just in case. The swim vest is a major confidence boost to get him enjoy swimming, and even exploring deeper pool levels, supervised of course. 
Last year, he had to accept that he needs to let go of the swim vest…kickboard time.  From his 12 sessions, of an hour each, he learned to kick, bubbles, some breathing, and then the strokes was briefly taught. 
Enjoying his swimming lessons for last year’s summer break.

This time around, with his dad teaching him, after 4 consecutive days, he finally overcame his initial fear of letting go of the kickboard. He got his needed confidence boost from then on. More likely, a reward to make him try harder…a new pair of Speedo Goggles. ;-D

He no loves going underwater…doing cannon balls, that’s what they call it. ;-D
We’re so thrilled with his progress, so we treated him to some new swim gears from Speedo. He wanted a new pair of goggles for a reward,  a black short-sleeved swim tee offering some sun protection, and a new swim shorts. 

He’s getting there, almost. But he had to take a 2 week-break because coupled with his allergic rhinitis,  he had a minor Otitis Media. He was complaining so hard of the throbbing pain in his ears, and when I checked one, it’s really red, so we rushed him to an ENT in a clinic in Shangrila Plaza, since we’ll still have to reconnect to his pediatrician in The Medical City. It’s for the best that we went right away, so we avoided the major episodes of Otitis Media if we waited for another night before seeing an ENT doctor.  After hefty worth of medicines, he’s okay, thankfully. But he’s still not allowed to go back in the water. He’s terribly missing it. He’s doing a countdown. So until then, I’m keeping him busy with helping me do the household chores, and rewarding him a trip to the Korean Grocery near us for some snacks, ramen, and ice cream time. ;-D Happy Weekend! 


  1. mommy des, I think ear plugs could help (speedo has many varieties, last i checked) I was a swimmer and had a problem with my ear too, after that,it's earplug or no swim. lol 😀


  2. leruof is having his swimming lessons now. big ego-booster talaga. kaaliw! and i noticed pareho sila ng cars swimwear hahaha… exactly the same.


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