Bloggers Signup for The Daddy of Father’s Day Giveaways with VoiceBoks

 It’s to my delight to join in the what could be the biggest Father’s Day Giveaway ever.

Signup Now. Visit VoiceBoks here for more details. Please don’t forget to note that you heard it from Chic & Sassy Homemaker. ;-D 

Please visit my site by May 14, 2012 for the spectacular details of this giveaway. Think over 225,000 ++ entries, with 2000 unique individuals, plus grand giveaway prizes up for grabs, this is a totally win/win event to be a part of.

 Can this giveaway match our Mother’s Day Giveaway?  Since our successful Mother’s Day Giveaway, which had over 225,000 entries (over 2,000 different people who entered), many have asked, “When is the next BIG Giveaway?”   

Here we are! This year, we are looking to find something FANTASTIC to fill our man’s “Man Cave!” What better way to say “Thank You” and “I Love You” to the man we love by giving him a 3D Television, a Playstation, a sound system, OR a really BIG Cash Pot! It will all be determined by the funds we raise for this giveaway. 

Please click to read on and to join VoiceBoks’ The Man Cave Filler Father’s Day Giveaway... sign-up now! ;-D


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